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Improving Business Phone Services in Palm Beach County, FL

by | Nov 29, 2021 | Business Communications Palm Beach County FL | 0 comments

Business phone services can be complicated, especially when you’re trying to find the best functionality at the lowest cost here in PBC. There are large national anonymous services like Verizon where no one knows you or your business you are just an account number. Then there are smaller run local operations where you can get help and personalized services if you need it. The thing is, costs aren’t much different from the big guys to our local phone providers here in Florida.

Businesses in Palm Beach County are Changing Providers

Improving Business Phone Services in Palm Beach County FL requires more than just spending more.

Business Phone Services Palm Beach County FL

There is a national shift of looking locally for business services and products as opposed to paying multi-national corporations for the same services. There are some clear advantages to using a local provider here in Palm Beach Gardens. 

  • You are supporting a local business NOT a politically motivated corporation
  • Service support is available at a moments notice through the phone, no need to call an auto-attendant and try to get a live person to talk to
  • Get better rates than national service providers
  • Improve scalability for your growing business
  • This is a very short list of advantages

Fiber-optics, dial-tone, VoIP for business, adding more lines, working from home, and so much more are easier when you’re using a local service provider. 

Unified Communications is Necessary

The U.S. economy wastes an estimated $650 billion yearly on scattered communications, notifications, and information. This hits everyone from the smallest local mom & pop shops to the largest businesses in the S & P. When your employees have to hunt down an email or phone notification because of disjointed communications within your networks you lose business. Having the right technology installed at your office won’t solve the problems either. Training and expertise on using those systems is something that many small businesses fall short on.

Consolidated Communications is a Platform

There are over a hundred ways in which businesses communicate. Zoom, Skype for Business, Slack, Telescope, Discord, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, and more. It’s easier than you think for a business to start using these programs and all of a sudden employees have 10 different logins to 10 different communications tools. This is a waste of time, effort, and money. 

With consolidated communications, your business is able to operate on what it actually does, not figuring out communications and login passwords. With our UCaaS you access everything in one place:

  • Voice Calls
  • Video Calls
  • Voicemail + Messaging
  • Instant Messaging + Live Chat
  • Employee WorkFlow & Project Management
  • Cloud Storage
  • Remote Access
  • and more

How Much are You Spending on Your Business Communications?

Whether you are the only member of your business or you have 250 employees, costs are important to your bottom line. If you are individually paying for services your monthly communication bill can easily hurt your bottom line. Through consolidating your communications you save time, money, and effort.

For the best in Business Phone Services Palm Beach County FL look no further than 30+ years of local expertise.