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VOIP for Business and Working from Home

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Business VOIP Services Westchester NY

It’s no mystery that we’re in some difficult times right now. Many businesses have seen their doors closed, employees furloughed, and profits all but disappear. But for other businesses this can be seen as an opportunity as certain economic sectors are doing well if not better. If you’re running a business and have no capabilities for you and your employees to work from home securely, you will lose countless weeks and months to the coronavirus. Let’s see what it takes to get you set up at home.

Your Business Communication Provider

This is really the place you should be starting. You most likely already have a business phone and communication company that provides you the services you use during day to day business activities. If you are using traditional lines, software, and hardware, you could find yourself hard pressed to keep the ball rolling right now. Using free VOIP services like Zoom or Skype also won’t cut it. They don’t offer the level of security that proprietary VOIP for business systems use when they are controlled internally. What about the cloud? Are your systems, documents, programs, and functions running on the cloud? If they are not, you should seriously be looking at this time to change your business communication provider.

Why VOIP for Business?

VOIP For Business Westchester NY

VOIP For Business Westchester NY

VOIP, also known as voice over internet protocol, is a decentralized system regarding voice, video, and data communication. There are some incredible tools that come along with VOIP but its main assets include a few key things. First of all, anyone on the network can contact another user at little or not cost per minute for both voice and video calls. Secondly, video calls can be done in a conference style setting where users can all see one another similar to an office meeting. Thirdly, users can be added with no issues (unlike a traditional phone system where you have to get a new line and phone installed at the office). Fourthly, employees and management can stay connected and busy from the safety of their own homes. Fifthly, employees can share eachothers computer screens when they need to all be looking at the same document, program or email. There are more benefits to using a VOIP communication network for your business but these are the immediate benefits.

Why the Cloud ?

It is rather straightforward. The Cloud is a server that is decentralized where items can be accessed from anywhere in the world to conduct work. It means you don’t have to be in the office to access files and information that is stored locally on the actual physical hard drive of an individual computer. This is important for a few reasons. First of all, you can do work from home through a secure connection and access the cloud as though you were at the office. Secondly, there is no damage from loss of information or data from an accidental coffee spill on a laptop, water damage, or fire damage at the office. Cloud is the way of now and the way of the future, if you’re not using cloud services you are being left behind.

Beyond Working from Home

The benefits for VOIP and Cloud when working from home are obvious. But what about benefits beyond that? These systems allow for multiple advantages that traditional business phone systems don’t allow. For example, scaling and adding employees. Instead of needing new lines and hardware (phones) you can simply add users to the network and they can access it immediately. Scaling up to another office location or adding an office location? You don’t have to worry about re-wiring or installing new wire and can get up and running immediately just by adding users.

The Cost Benefit

This is going to be a huge advantage to using VOIP and Cloud. It is far less expensive than traditional communication platforms. If you conduct a lot of business through the phone (either with customers or internally) you need to have the best rates possible. Make a lot of international calls? Traditional phone companies will charge you and arm and a leg per minute. Now it is true those rates have come down in recent years but they still do not even come close to the low costs of VOIP for business services. Increased productivity at lower costs with greater functionality, that sums up VOIP in a nutshell.

How Long Will We Be At Home?

This is the unknown question right now. Some projections are a few weeks some are a few months. Will your business survive not being able to work from home over the course of weeks or months? Many companies are already struggling to keep moving forwards during this time period and that is something we all have to adjust to for the time being.

Get the ball rolling now and make the most of the time at home where you can.

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