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Redefining the Palm Beach Hybrid Workplace in 2022

by | Jan 10, 2022 | Business Phones Palm Beach County FL | 0 comments

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to change the way we work collaboratively. A big part of that change is being able to work from home with flexibility. All without losing the productivity our fast-paced business world requires.

  • Over 50% of employees want to work remotely 3 days a week
  • Hybrid workplaces have higher employee happiness and retention rates
  • Hybrid work requires updates to company communication infrastructure
  • Training may be necessary on proprietary systems

Working from home and at the office is likely here to stay for many businesses no matter the size. Let’s take a look at what sort of changes you can make to your business telecommunications that will make that possible.

Understanding the Hybrid Work Model

Hybrid work with new Business Phones in Palm Beach County FL

Business Phones Palm Beach County FL

A “Hybrid workplace” combines both home work (remote work) and work at the office in person. The vast majority of employees expect a flexible work week and that number continues to increase year to year since the start of the pandemic. It’s also been proven that productivity increases when employees have a hybrid work model across nearly all industries.

There are a few types of hybrid work your company may be utilizing or discussing. They include:

  • Office work, remote optional: The physical office is still the main place for work and collaboration but employees have the option of working at home occasionally or a day or two in the week. 
  • Occasional Office work: here staff splits their workload between home/remote and in-office. It’s usually a pretty even mix of each. 
  • Remote focus: the majority of employees work from home or remotely the majority of the week. Usually, 1 or 2 days are in-office for meetings. 

There are some obvious benefits to using a hybrid work model. Including higher staff morale and enjoyment, lower rates of staff turnover or quitting, reduction in operating expenses, more talent to pool from, and healthier overall workplace culture. Things like VOIP for Business make this possible and reduce costs.

Some Hybrid Work Model Drawbacks

Not every aspect of business operations is improved with a hybrid work model. The debate is still ongoing and different schools of thought persist regarding when and where employees are the most productive.

  • Collaboration takes more effort and can be more difficult
  • Remote workers can feel isolated and lack certain social interaction with their team
  • Organization can become harder 
  • Certain employees will feel they never leave work as there is little separation from home / work

The fact remains that many companies here in Florida have returned to work but a huge number is also using a hybrid work model. The type of business you operate will likely determine how well a hybrid model can fit you and your employee’s workloads and lifestyles.

Business Phones Palm Beach County FL

Updating your companies communication infrastructure is the only way to make a hybrid work model successful. If you’re not set up for remote work and your employees cannot easily collaborate with internal company systems, it cannot work. Let’s discuss your company’s communication needs and how we can save you on monthly upkeep costs and improve productivity at the same time.

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