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Fiber-Optic Internet More Popular than Ever in Palm Beach County

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Fiber Internet Palm Beach FL | 0 comments

We’re more connected than ever before and we need to be. Most businesses operate with web connectivity as a must-have. Whether we’re talking selling items, food like empanadas, or services. Internet connections speeds are more important than ever before for small businesses and large corporations alike. So the question you should be asking yourself is, “does our web connection meet our needs, or is it slowing us down too much?”. Many businesses here in Palm Beach County have moved beyond cable or slower DSL copper internet connections. Fiber-optics has become the leading internet connection for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Let’s see why that is.

Speed, Stability, and Growth Combine via Fiber-Optic Light

Find the Best Fiber-Optic Internet here in Palm Beach FL for your growing business.

Best Fiber-Optic Internet Palm Beach FL

There are lots of advantages to using a fiber internet connection and it goes beyond cost savings. There are some clear advantages to using fiber over more traditional internet connections. Those include:

  • Bandwidth is maintained even when all staff and machines are connected. With traditional internet the more people who used it the slower it went, that is no longer the case with fiber. Making it ideal for growing businesses, medium to large companies, or those with high-bandwidth requirements
  • Speeds are substantially faster than traditional internet at a lower cost structure.
  • Have a server room? You should seriously consider upgrading to fiber as servers, cloud computing, and VOIP for business all require a strong web connection to function.
  • New devices prefer high-speed connections that legacy internet won’t be able to utilize properly due to bandwidth capability issues and outdated wireless cards. 

Fiber is well established here in Palm Beach, Martin, and Miami-Dade counties. If your business isn’t using it, you should be looking to switch as soon as possible.

Fiber + VOIP for Business are Here to Stay

Many businesses shifted to a remote work model over the past 2 years. Whether that means a hybrid model with work spent between the office and home or a full-remote work model, internet speeds were tested to the max. Companies that couldn’t meet this change head-on or had slow web speeds making it difficult or impossible were left behind. VOIP allows for mobility and is ideal for a hybrid work model for a few key reasons.

  • Any internet-connected device with the VOIP software or VOIP smartphone app can securely connect.
  • Adding users/employees is easy with VOIP so it is ideal for growing businesses. There is no need to add wiring or physical gear to connect a new staff member, just create a new login. 
  • Being “at work” can mean any location your or your employees physically are. This also allowed many businesses to reduce costs spent on office space rent, AC costs, and energy costs. 

Finding the Right Internet Service for your Business

Palm Beach County Florida and our beautiful state as a whole, are experiencing unprecedented population growth. That is great for businesses of every kind where other states find businesses short of staff and new employees, the opposite is true here in Southern Florida. We are proud to be leading the way on all the best connectivity and phone service options for your business. For the Best Fiber-Optic Internet Palm Beach FL look no further than right here at Top Line Communications.