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Full Service Westchester Business Communication Systems

Westchester Business Communication Systems

These are hard times but that doesn’t mean your business should completely come to a stand still. Many Westchester County businesses are struggling to keep operating because they’ve been labeled as “non-essential”. We know that every business is “essential” to those who run it and work there, so making sure you can be working from home is huge. If you are finding that your current communication provider is falling short in making this happen it’s time to make a change. If they are slow to get you set up, simply cannot offer the solutions you need to work from home, or want to charge huge fee’s to get moving; make a change. Let’s see what a full service Westchester business communication system actually looks like.

Productivity & Security

Westchester Business Communication Systems

Westchester Business Communication Systems

Many companies who could not adjust to the current situation have seen their productivity slashed or stop outright. Working from home requires some logistical planning to get going. You may be thinking, “why don’t I just use Zoom with my employees?” Well, as we have seen across the globe it just is not secure. Classrooms, businesses, churches, and universities have been interrupted with “zoom-bombing”. That is where a hacker hijacks the call, can get everyone’s information, access their computer and more. This is highly dangerous for companies who have sensitive information and employees personal info in the Zoom chat. Full service communication providers today offer VOIP (voice over internet protocol) services (like Zoom and Skype). However, these are secure and are not accessible from anyone not on the network as a user. This means no risk of hacking from a malicious source and everyone on the call can work together while being safe.


VOIP has become the communication platform for modern businesses. If you’re still using an outdated wired business phone system you’ll find lots of limitation or expensive add-ons which are included with VOIP. It gives you access to features traditional communications simply cannot. Such as:

  • Conference Calling
  • Video Calling + Conferences
  • Voice-mail
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Call Recording
  • Computer Screen Sharing
  • Remote Accessibility
  • Add Users/Lines As You Need
  • and more

Because VOIP essentially removes the limitations of traditional telecommunication services it is the ideal solution for conducting business. Especially right now where many of us are having to work from home. The VOIP network doesn’t care whether your employees are in the office, at home, on vacation or in another country. They can still get work done as though they were down the hall.

Updating Traditional Communications

VOIP is great but there are still many companies who are using traditional wired LAN lines. So now is a great time to get those updates and changes made to your office while no one is there working. If you’ve been needing to add some new phone lines to the office, now is the time. If you’re looking to add phone lines to your new location or another office location, now is the time. Telecommunication companies like here at Top Line Communications, are essential businesses and are ready to get things done. If you need lines upgraded, routers changed, new hardware installed, new software installed; or any other telephony or phone system change, you have opportunity to get those larger scale projects completed with no slow down at the office.

Voice, Data, Fiber, Video & Outside Cabling

These are integral aspects to a business phone solution. For example, hospitals who use phone systems throughout the hospital will have these components installed and maintained. When they need repairs a technician must come in to make the needed repairs. These are great for large in-house organizations like hospitals, school districts, or local governments where VOIP is not a suitable option. If your organization has lots of in-house lines and connections, you should be sure you’re working with certified expert technicians. Also, if you need a repair or help with a service, it shouldn’t take you a few days to get a technician to your location. The best full service Westchester business communications systems companies will be able to meet your needs the same day or the following day.

Making The Change

Now is the ideal time to make these sort of changes to your business telecommunication system. If you’re using LAN lines, things can be updated and integrated without delay as no one is at the office. If you’re working from home, VOIP will allow you to do so in a far more secure manner. So get the ball rolling today.

For the best Westchester Business Communication Systems, look no further than 30 years of local expertise right here at Top Line Communications. We proudly support the WBC (Westchester Business Counsel) and live right here where we operate. Call today and see how we can reduce your costs and keep you moving forwards during this time period. Stay safe from the entire team and we can get through this if we work together! 1-888-426-8647

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Professional Network Cabling Services in Westchester NY

When it comes to your business or organizations communication systems, getting the best service possible is key to keeping information flowing freely. But with so many different types of companies offering a wide range of different traditional and high-tech solutions it can be tricky to know where to turn. As the world turns to greater and greater technology there are a few staples which are proven effective for organizations of all sizes. Servicing voice, video, and data networks for environments from learning institutions, small businesses, industrial manufacturing facilities, medical services; isn’t for everyone. You’ll want to work with a company who has the right experience and credentials.

Here we’ll take a look at what goes into cabling and physical line installations for networking services.

Professional Network Cabling Services Westchester NY

Professional Network Cabling Services Westchester NY

Cabling Site Survey – here will be the first step on a new installation or cabling renovation. Technicians will physically come to your location and isolate different variables that you may not even be aware of which could effect an installation. Doing this accurately is crucial to things going smoothly. The survey will determine the feasibility of the installation, if specialty equipment is needed for the installation, what (if any) budget constraints there may be, and a time frame for the installation. After a survey you will also have a price quote that isn’t really possible before a cabling site survey.

Structured Cabling Installation – Planning, design, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrading any size network is what you should expect from your network cabling company. Whether we’re talking about a new installation or an upgrade to your current communication set up, knowledge and experience are a must when it comes to who you hire. Because some systems can be rather complicated and require some serious planning you want to be sure you’ve hired the right team. Have they completed successful installation at other organizations that look similar to yours? How does the size compare to your network needs? You should look for some past work examples to be sure they can meet your individual needs.

Network Wiring Testing – been getting spotty calls or dropped calls through your current phone systems? Wiring infrastructure is the foundation of every single network and the way things are set up can lead to issues down the road if not done properly. Testing and certification for existing copper or fiber networks or a new installation can reveal where the problems are originating. Flaws in your wiring infrastructure can lead to lost data, dropped calls, and expensive repairs. Keeping your system optimal is why testing is recommended periodically.

Demarc Extension Services – A demarc extension is when your organization’s network is connected to a data line. For example a T1, POTS, or DSL connection. But here again experience will be paramount as every location has different needs when it comes to demarc extensions. Offices, schools, warehouses, shopping malls, and high-rise buildings will all have different needs when it comes to a demarc extension. Knowing how to service each individual location will be determined via a site survey. It improves connectivity and can help reduce costs.

Wi-Fi Network Installation – it’s an online world and being able to connect via wifi is a must for most organizations in conjunction with traditional hard wired connections. If you want to improve or add wifi to your organization communications infrastructure it will require careful planning. Every single wireless connectivity solution is custom designed to meet the specific challenges and particular needs of your individual location.

There are no cookie cutter per-fabracated installations possible when it comes to quality network connectivity. Every business and organization has different connectivity needs. Every physical site has it’s own individual structure and wiring needs. No two installations are completely identical. That means that working with a well qualified network installation company can make a huge different in the efficacy of your system over time. Cutting corners when it comes to your organizations infrastructure is never a good idea and in today’s information age protecting your connections integrity is critically important. Ask questions, get a consultation, get a site survey, plan your budget and get things moving.

For the best in Professional Network Cabling Services Westchester NY, look no further than 30 years of local expertise. We live where we operate right here in the lower New York region and are proud members of the WBC (Westchester Business Counsel). Call us today for a consultation and see how we can upgrade your businesses communications and save you money at the same time. Stay safe from all of us here at 1-888-426-8647

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Make Working From Home a Priority With Business VOIP

Business VOIP Services Westchester NY

No time has ever illustrated how important versatitlity in all aspects of your business is than right now during the global pandemic. Business (and life for that matter) looks a lot different than it did just three months ago and that means adapting to the current situation. If you are finding it hard for you and your employees to coordinate and effectively do work from home you are undoubtedly missing a huge opportunity other companies are taking advantage of. The sad truth is that may be working from home for quite a while here in Westchester County New York. So let’s see how you can prioritize your business communications so that no matter how long we’re working from home you keep moving forwards.

Establish A New Routine

Business VOIP Services Westchester NY

Business VOIP Services Westchester NY

Most businesses have established daily routines which keep the work flow moving in a linear fashion. Creating a new structure for daily business functions like meetings, conference calls, fullfillment, customer support and more is crucial. Let’s say prior to the pandemic you had staff meetings at noon on Mondays and Fridays. Are you set up to keep that schedule with your current business communciation system? Using services, like proprietary VOIP for business, allow you to conduct face to face meetings from home in the same fashion. You, management, and your employees will get connected through the internet to conduct business as though you were at the office. During the quarantine period days are blurring together for many. Creating and maintaining a structure similar to that prior to quarantine is great for employee moral and getting things done. But your system and your connections can make a huge difference and using free services like Zoom simply are not set up in a way to work well with businesses.

Set A Schedule

Piggy backing off the “establish a new routine” idea you should set or maintain the schedule from prior to the pandemic. For example if you always had certain meetings or certain functions at a set time of day on a set day of the week, maintain that even when working from home. This is good for workproductivity and maintaing a sense of normalcy is also good for mental health right now.

Keep Communication Active

It may seem harder to coordinate with other employees when trying to do work from home. It can feel less convenient than simply walking down the hall or to another cubicle but that should not be the case. When you’ve gotten used to using VOIP for business functions you will soon see that it actually makes everyone more accessible to one another. Need to hear what three people think of your proposal? No need to go to three different office rooms, simply invite everyone to a call and it’s like you’re all in the same place. Use the technology systems available now and you can actually increase internal communication which is always a plus for business.

Larger Companies & Working From Home

It’s simple enough to set up 10 or less employees when working from home but what about if you have 50? 100+? This is where having the right kind of business communication system will make or break your ability to function as a business from home. Here is where free programs like Zoom or Skype will really fall short as well. If you have over 100 employees who need to be able to call one another, share computer screens, video chat, share documents, edit documents, and more; your needs will be greater. It should not be left up to employees to figure it out as they go and having a dedicated business VoIP system established will do just that. The thing is, when we do get back to the office, VoIP for business will actually be far more suitable than a traditional phone service company anyway. The number of benefits to using VoIP as opposed to old network communications are many:

  • Cost reduction for local & international calls (compared to traditional phone services)
  • Conference calling
  • Video calling + video conferencing
  • Working from home availability
  • Screen share & screen image capture
  • Voicemail
  • Multiple Lines (users)
  • Scalability (adding users not physical lines)
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Local, national and international calling
  • Cost effective rates (far cheaper than traditional phones)
  • and more

These are features that you should be using in the most normal of times and even more so during the pandemic stay at home experience.

Times Are Tough But We Will Overcome

Businesses, organizations, hospitals, school districts, and governments have been effected by the covid-19 pandemic. But there is also a great deal of opportunity to be had for those individuals and companies who manage to cope with the stress and establish a way to get things done no matter how long we are home. People have gotten very creative to keep moving forwards and we’re lucky enough that during this modern time we have the technology to make things happen. Stuck at home? No problem. With VoIP for business you can easily keep your work schedule and maintain forward progress. Take advantage of the time spent indoors and upgrade your businesses communication systems now. That way when we get back to normal you will already have all the tools in place to continue the pace you’ve set from home.

For the best Business VOIP Services Westchester NY, look no further than 30 years of local expertise with Top Line Communications. We live where we operate right here in the lower New York region and are proud members of the WBC (Westchester Business Counsel). Call us today for a consultation and see how we can upgrade your businesses communications and save you money at the same time. Stay safe from all of us here at 1-888-426-8647

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Upgrading Your Westchester Small Business Phone Services

Westchester NY Small Business Phone Services

We are in uncharted waters in terms of every aspect of daily life here in the United States. With people staying indoors, businesses and schools closed, and no clear time frame to getting back to normal; you may be thinking of other things than your small business phone service. But now is actually the best time to do some cost cutting and carefull looking at the way your business functions. At the start of the pandemic many companies and organizations were not adequately set up to start completely working from home and that meant loads of lost opportunities and business. Here we’ll look at why and how to upgrade your businesses communication network and take advantage of what you can with the time we still have indoors.

When You Should Upgrade

Westchester NY Small Business Phone Services

Westchester NY Small Business Phone Services

This will come down to a few different factors. For the most part you want to be seeing what your costs are for different service aspects and compare that to more modern telecommunication options available today. Here is a list of things to look at when considering a change to your companies network communications.

  • Costs vs other companies
  • Traditional phone costs vs VOIP
  • Time frames for technicians / customer service
  • Scalability (is scaling expensive?)
  • Ease of adding lines / users
  • Physical cabling limitations + costs
  • Long distance & international rates
  • Uptime vs downtime
  • Ability to work from home?
  • What are the additional monthly fees beyond the basic service?
  • What are you paying for?

This list will primarily effect companies using traditional phone services with hard wired lines. The costs are far higher than using cloud or VOIP based systems and offer far less functionality needed in today’s modern world. If your system is outdated and your paying for things that are included from more modern services, you’re due for a change.

Working From HomeNow and Later

Many business owners never really considered the fact that outside forces could isolate people away from the office (after all who could predict the current situation?). But being prepared to conduct your normal business operations from home (for you and employees) is more important than ever. Sure we can all take a phone call on our cell phone at home, but that is rather limiting. Using free VOIP services like Zoom and Skype are not suitable for businesses as they don’t offer the same level of protection as proprietary interal VOIP systems or the multitude of features. Using a dedicated small business VOIP provides a huge number of benefits and functions other services don’t. The costs are also far less expensive than traditional hard wired phone services. VoIP is the ulimate work from home tool, here’s why:

  • Remote Working Accessibility (home & abroad)
  • Conference Calling
  • Video Conferencing
  • Voice Messaging
  • Computer Screen Sharing
  • Internal Text Chatting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Image Capture
  • Document Sharing
  • Unlimited Call Volumes (in network)
  • No Geographic Limitations
  • and more

No one knows exactly how much longer we will be under stay at home orders here in New York state. Yes some counties may be opening for phase 1 soon but here in Westchester and the lower state region we don’t have clear time frames. That means businesses could still be working from home a month or longer from now. Getting set up now so that you’re ready now and later (should a second wave of cases happen) can mean the different between staying in business and closing your doors for good.

“How Do I Know If I’m Paying Too Much for My Phone Services Now?”

This is a common question for business owners and especially now. Consider this, if you’re using a traditional phone company that has hard wired your office location yet they require you to pay more to use the same services at your home, you’re paying too much. Traditional phone services have many limitations that can be rather expensive. Adding a line to your home requires a technician on-site (who knows when they can come?), installing new software and hardware, not to mention the added costs just to get the ball rolling. With modern systems like small business VOIP you already have all of the capabilities in a turn-key fashion to work remotely without incurring any additional costs. Simply install the proprietary VOIP software on any internet connected device and voila you’re open for business.

Weathering The Storm

This time period has caused economic hardship in every single sector of the American economy. No one is sure how things will look 6 months down the road. This is a time period for reflection on what is important in life and also what is important for your business. People may be scared to return to crowded work spaces for quite a while and that means being able to work from home. We will weather the storm as a nation but some will come out of this stronger than others. Upgrading your Westchester small business phone service could be the way to keep your edge now and moving forwards. So don’t hesitate and get the ball rolling.

For the best Westchester NY Small Business Phone Services, look no further than 30 years of local expertise here at Top Line Communications. We proudly live where we operate and are members of the WBC (Westchester Business Counsel). Call today for a consultation on how we can reduce your costs and get you moving forwards during this time period. We’ll get through this as a nation! Stay safe from the Top Line team! 1-888-426-8647

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