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Why You Need Integrated Business Contact Solutions

Technology has been rapidly evolving over the past several decades and that means big changes to the way in which modern companies do business. That means if your contact center solutions are outdated you cannot keep pace with your clients demands or cloud-based technologies which now run most communication platforms. Here we’ll look at what a modern day contact center software system can do for your businesses connectivity and productivity.

Isolated Contact Solutions are Isolated

The way this worked traditionally is contact software is used as a type of foundation you build on. A company buys call solutions from a telecommunication provider and over time they add new software piece by piece. This model has been used by businesses for decades but it has many drawback in the modern age:

  • Isolation – these solutions are not unified in that there is no ability to easily data share, collaborate, or connect to multiple aspects of your business. These are typically physical location based which prevents businesses from utilizing the cloud and the possibility of seamless growth in the future.
  • High Costs – almost always every new piece of software or hardware comes from different places. This means companies have no choice but to pay high costs for new or additional functionalities, both upfront and through monthly maintenance fees.
  • Software Variation – different software programs often will not be easy to integrate or could even be impossible. This means your employees have to go in and out of different programs individually to get things done, this slows work productivity and can hurt your overall customer experience. That doesn’t even take into account the time it takes to train on different programs for your employees.

Isolated contact solutions create higher costs for companies but at the same time limit their ability to grow and meet all varying customer necessities. In a world more connected than ever, basic outbound and inbound connections are only part of the story. The only real way to maintain customer care, workplace productivity, and the possibility to grow is through consolidated contact center solutions, not stand-alone one’s.

Why A Consolidated Contact Solution?

1. In-House Communication & Connectivity – especially now with the surge of needing your employees to be able to work from home, how employees work together while in different locations is crucial. Tools to allow seamless internal work flow are the ticket. With all variety of options from: group / conference calls, conference videos, screen share, multiple phone lines, connected work chains, connected work software, progress management, itinerary checklist, to do lists (that everyone can see what has and has not been completed and who is working on something), make all of that possible no matter where employees are.

For your customers, this means that everyone is on the same page regarding your customers accounts, needs, and upkeep. If a particular customer has a problem which requires two different branches of your company to resolve, those 2 branches are able to be connected and collaborate in their effort to fix the problem rapidly. If they are forced to use old systems which are not set up to make this possible, things will take far longer to get done, hurting your clients overall experience.

2. Enterprise Level Communications Without Enterprise Level Costs – programs and software that must be added on top of one another compounds your purchasing and maintenance costs. Over time this can build up to be quite expensive. With a consolidated integrated communication system all of these moving parts are put into a single basket. That means that costs are greatly reduced and you do not have to spend additional time to train employees to use individual programs. Everything is under one system and that makes for a cheaper and far more efficient solution. New benefits or add-ons are seamlessly integrated into the current network so you’re not allocating huge amounts of time or investment to improve your services quality.

3. VOIP + The Cloud – the benefits that come through consolidation are possible through cloud system computing. It allows employees to access files and programs from any location and makes it so your data is well protected. By utilizing a decentralized system there is no risk of corruption due to inclement weather or some other sort of issue that can resolve with isolated physical networks. It is also far more secure from security breaches. VOIP, also uses the internet to direct voice, text, and video calls in a fast and far more cost effective manner than traditional phone systems. Make international calls often? That cost is dramatically reduced using VOIP via the Cloud.

4. Improve Your Customer Experience – because the use of integrated contact solutions makes work flow more efficient, it improves the customer experience as well. When your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is integrated into the network, you gain useful info regarding customer needs and actions. You are then able to customize what needs to be done for each individual client without having to resort to cookie cutter solutions which often fall short in one way or another. All of the interactions are stored on the cloud meaning they can be used for training, marketing, and up-selling.

Switch Today

If your current business communication and contact solution doesn’t meet the needs that you have, it’s time to change. That doesn’t have to be an expensive or painful process either. With cloud computing and integrated software it can be as easy as saying “let’s do it”. Working with a dedicated team right here in Westchester County NY who knows your business and knows what you need can improve every aspect of your businesses communications.

For the best in Business Contact Solutions Westchester NY, look no further than almost 30 years of local expertise right here at Top Line Communications. Call for a consultation and see how we can improve your entire businesses communication today. We proudly live where we operate and have been a member of the Westchester Business Counsel for many years. Stay safe from the entire team and we can get through this if we work together! 1-888-426-8647

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Business Cloud Services Allow Employees To Work From Home

Right now our countries citizens and companies are facing a crisis unlike we have ever seen in our modern times. Companies are racing to try and keep their businesses running and for nearly all of them that means employees getting work done from home. But is your company prepared for this sort of change in work flow as we are being forced to stay home? Are your employees able to do the same work at home that they do in the office? If the answer is no or you’re unsure, there are some steps you can take right away to get things going.

Consolidated Business Cloud Services

Cloud Business Services Westchester NY

Cloud Business Services Westchester NY

Cloud based services are ideal for this sort of situation because it means that employees can simply connect to the cloud no matter where they are. This gives them access to files and programs that are essential for your business to run. It is essentially the same thing they were doing at the office but now from their own homes. Cloud based services consolidate everything in one decentralized place so that location no longer matters when it comes to getting work done.

It is not only businesses who are scrambling to make these changes but also places like school districts where teachers now are teaching through the internet. Through cloud based video conferencing, screen sharing, team messaging + calling, and access to files and software from the office, work can continue. Teachers and businesses alike are able to reduce the loss of productivity that would occur to companies not using cloud based services. Businesses are also able to use cloud-based phone systems to add phone numbers and lines that can be used from home or from a mobile device.

Remote Team Communication

Essential employees and workers are still able to go to work in these trying times. That means ensuring their remote connectivity is at the highest level so they are able to conduct their day to day working activities without limitations or downtime. Co-workers need to be able to coordinate from in the field and from home as well right now. When your digital communication and teamwork flow are in order you are ready to keep business moving forwards no matter how long we will be stuck at home. Simple text messaging through the computer or phone makes it very easy for people to communicate within the network. If they need to see another co-workers screen they can screen share. If they need to talk to them they can use the VOIP phone system to make the call. If they need to speak face to face they also have that option. Yes we must work from home but that does not mean that productivity should suffer and the cloud is just the solution to keep your company, school, or hospital moving.

Business Continuity

Your business phone system will directly effect how well your employees are able to keep working. If you are not using a cloud based system and everything is on the computers at the office, your business will have to shut down at this time. That is something many companies will not be able to survive for very long. Because using a cloud based business phone system allows for continuity to continue, even in the toughest of times, you can keep things rolling. To ensure your experiencing uptime of 99.999% you should be sure the communication company you have hired has these sort of fail-safes in place. So if 6 months from now we still have to stay at home, your company will be ready.

Business Security

Because employees will need to work from home security will need to be taken more seriously than ever. Employees living and working from different locations will need to connect to your system, so its critical to ensure those connections are secure. For the greatest level of secure communications you should look for providers that utilize UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). UCaaS is a cloud communication delivery model that offers a variety of collaboration and communication services and applications. Integral to companies working from home. Also, VPN’s (virtual private network) can be utilized through these networks to allow users to connect to your companies cloud systems in an even more safe way. With end to end encryption it ensures that users working from their home computers prevent any sort of breach of security. This is important because many folks home computers are not set up as safe as the one’s at the office and that means finding safer measures like UCaaS and VPN.

Upgrading Today

If your business has come to a stand still because you’re unable to find an efficient way for employees to work from home, you may be in real trouble for the coming weeks and months. If your business communication company is not able to keep you working during this outbreak than they are falling incredibly short. The most important thing a communication company can do is keep you up and running no matter what is going on in the outside world. If you are stuck right now and feel like you don’t have any options, you’re in luck. It is easy and cost effective to completely overhaul your business communications with a cloud based service. There is little to no hardware that needs to be utilized. Very often you can get access to the cloud by simply installing software on computers you already have. So it can be done as fast as today and you can get back to work the same day, whether from home or at the office.

For the best Business Cloud Services Westchester NY look no further than nearly 30 years of local communications expertise here at Top Line Communications. We proudly live where we operate and have been a member of the Westchester Business Counsel for many years. Call us today and see how we can get your business back up and running from home during this crisis. Stay safe from the entire team and we can get through this if we work together! 1-888-426-8647

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Benefits Of Upgrading Your Business Phone With SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking Westchester County NY

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) can provide a wide range of telecommunication upgrades for businesses still using an outdated copper wiring infrastructure. It is essentially a way to beef up your current phone systems without having to do major hardware and cabling re-builds (which is very costly and time consuming). Because of its simplicity and speed there are quite a few benefits to utilizing a SIP system that every business owner in Westchester County should consider. Let’s take a look at why you should be considering an efficient upgrade with a SIP trunk today.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunking Westchester County NY

SIP Trunking Westchester County NY

SIP trunking is a technique which uses Internet Protocol (IP) to provide multiple users access to a network through multiple shared frequencies or lines. Think of it essentially as a tree, where the tree has a trunk as a base which leads upwards to all of its large and small branches. SIP Trunks can carry data from many LAN (local area network) or VLANs (virtual LANs) across a single connection between routers and switches known as a trunk port. Also, despite having the name “trunk” which sounds like large cumbersome piece of technology, there is no physical “trunk” associated with SIP. In simpler terms, a SIP TRUNK can replace a wide range of traditional products allowing your organization to utilize the speed and benefits of a consolidated internet-based phone network.

Major Benefits of SIP Trunking

1. Reduction of Costs – with traditional cable phone systems you are subject to a wide range of seemingly elusive charges for your local, long distance, and international calls. SIP allows companies immediate access to straightforward pricing typically billed per-user. Instead of ticket shock each month when paying for services, SIP provides stabilized monthly costs. Studies have shown that companies who made the switch to SIP saved an average of 50% monthly to their phone system costs. For larger organizations with a higher volume of lines and international or long-distance calls, the savings were even greater.

2. Consolidated Communications – SIP also acts as a gateway to UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). By utilizing the full suite of SIP communications tools (fiber-optic internet connections, video conferencing, etc.) companies unlock the major benefits of an internet-based communication network. That includes video & voice messaging, instant messaging, mobility, app collaboration, cloud-based tools and other flexibilities important for business communication and growth.

3. Instant ROI – With most common technology investments companies make, the benefit or quantifiable ROI, may take years to develop. It is often a gamble the company feels forced into making with no clear definitive time frame as to when that gamble will or will not pay off. SIP, on the other hand, is long established and requires the most minimum of upfront investment costs. Savings start at the first billing cycle and require far less investment, positives for companies of every size.

4. Consolidation – most services are sold as stand-alone services (even from a solitary provider) forcing companies to pay for things like data and phone services separately. By using a SIP trunk, organizations move everything to a single consolidated network where calls are treated and transmitted as data packets. This saves companies a significant operating cost while at the same time improving reliability and functionality.

5. Reduction of Physical Infrastructure – older phone systems have outdated and largely obsolete technology that is cumbersome and expensive. Because they are often locked into a physical framework, expanding is one of the greatest challenges companies face when using an old physical system. Whether it’s waiting too long for the service provider to come install a phone line or set up a new location (all which costs money), those limitations become very apparent. Utilizing SIP, your company can add numbers and lines simply through connecting with a handset to your consolidated connection. Employees who work in the field or away from the office can be seamlessly integrated into your company network. Reducing your physical infrastructure also alleviates problems that can arise from physical cabling, such as water damage or other forms of system compromises.

6. Network Reliability – Physical phone services can be damaged and interrupted by things like extreme weather or a truck hitting a telephone pole for example. SIP on the other hand doesn’t face the same risks to network reliability that outdated physical systems do. With aspects like mobile forwarding in the rare case of a system drop, you will experience no missed calls or downtime as the calls are redirected to office lines or employee mobile devices. To put it simply reliability is dramatically improved when using a SIP trunk.

So, Is SIP A Smart Choice For My Business?

Because no two organizations are the same SIP trunking is designed to improve functionality and offer major cost savings. If you are ready to reap the benefits of internet-based phones, get set with a VOIP provider, and move business communications to the cloud, you are ready for SIP. If you have ever had problems with unreliability, bizarre monthly charges, high per minute call costs, expansion, or inter-company connectivity, you will most likely benefit from a SIP trunking overhaul. To learn more about how SIP can improve your organizations communications while saving you significant costs, please don’t hesitate to call us today.

For the Best in SIP Trunking Westchester County NY, look no further than nearly 30 years of local expertise, right here at We are members of the community and proudly offer the best service and pricing anywhere. Call us today to discuss how we can improve all of your company’s communications today. 1-888-426-8647

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Best Small Business Phone Services In Westchester County NY

Small Business Phone Services Westchester County NY

Operating your small business comes with a lot of pressures both internally and externally. From licensing to taxation to operating costs to wages or insurance, things can get a bit complicated. But your businesses phone and voip services should not be one of the things you need to worry about. In fact if you know where to look you can get a big business phone solution on a limited budget. Here we’ll see how this is possible and why you should change your service provider today.

Big Business Solution On A Budget

Small Business Phone Services Westchester County NY

Small Business Phone Services Westchester County NY

Anywhere you can reduce costs to your business you open the door for greater profits. Any type of service that is paid for monthly, quarterly, or yearly should be looked at as an opportunity to save. By using a dedicated small business phone service in Westchester County NY you give your business the best of both worlds. The highest level of service while working with a company in the same geographic location as yourself. You’ll equip your company with the same exact tools that large publicly traded companies use to improve operating functions. Today, everything is cloud based and that means all the added benefits and speed that a versatile phone service like this creates. The cloud is the not the future, it is the here and now.

Better Reach With More Flexibility

Every company no matter the size has different needs when it comes to phone communication systems. Most small businesses will need some standard services:

  • Business phone lines for local and toll free calls that are accessible from a LAN line or a mobile phone
  • Call forwarding and unlimited calls
  • Text messaging & voicemail
  • Auto responder for on-hold or pre-recorded messages
  • Internet fax

This is a short list and TopLineCommunications offers these virtual small business phone features for every client. These sort of features allow you and your employees to be more available, even when out in the field.

Room For Growth

Every business looks to grow and that is especially important for small businesses. Whether just starting out or growing through the years, the ability to have a scalable and flexible business phone system is crucial. What if you started with one phone line but now you’re up to needing 30? More? It is now easier to grow your company with the best phone service technologies available today. When you are growing, getting to that next level just became a whole lot easier. Because these solutions are also easy to integrate into systems you’re already using like Gmail and Docs, your work flow becomes more seamless. This increases the speed at which you and your employees can conduct day to day business in a consolidated way.

VoIP & Cloud Based Phone Services

Because we use the cloud for our VOIP and phone system services, you have the ability to be connected at all times, anytime, anywhere. By getting rid of slow and outdated traditional phone services, cloud has changed the way in which we do business and live our daily lives. Your small business must be taking advantage of all the benefits that cloud solutions bring to businesses of all sizes. The best return on your investment from our cloud phone services would be for companies who:

  • Need secure + reliable business phone lines
  • Are adding staff
  • Have employees who spend a lot of the time on the road or in the field
  • Have a limited budget

Because cloud services are all in one they are ideal for the types of things listed above. The kicker is that all this is done with costs being low and with your budget it line.

Why Go With TopLineCommunications Small Business Services?

Budget – Keeping your budget low is important at any size, our transparent and inclusive pricing is the best in the industry.

Up Time – No business can afford a lapse in service, our award winning up time does just that, keeps you online line no matter what.

Ease Of Use – Set up and installation is a breeze and all phone systems can be optimized & customized to your specific companies needs.

Portability – Use your service on the go with our Cloud based systems.

Productivity – Combine services and applications through the cloud which increases productivity across the board with a more free flow of information and connectivity.

24/7 Support – Business owners know that 9 to 5 doesn’t apply to them and neither should your communications solution. Need help? We’re here for you.

For the Best Small Business Phone Services Westchester County NY, look no further than right here at Top Line Communications and see why we’ve been the most sought after local small business phone provider for over nearly 30 years. Call today and get a consultation on how we can reduce your costs right away. 1-866-95TOPLINE

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