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Modernizing Your Business Telecommunication Systems

by | Oct 2, 2021 | Business Phone Systems Westchester County NY | 0 comments

2020 was a crazy year but 2021 is turning out to be one full of vaccine-fueled growth, family visits, travel, employment, and a strong economy. This is great news for all of us here in Westchester County NY, and indeed the entire New York metro area and greater United States. If nothing else the pandemic has reminded us all of what is important in our lives and as businesses. 

Modernizing Your Business Tele-Communications

Business Phones Westchester County New York

Business Phones Westchester County New York

We’ve updated and modernized our website over the past few months taking the time to overhaul a few systems and make some great-looking cosmetic changes. You’ll notice a few things including a new security suite, customer interface, and more. But what about your business? Have you taken the time over the past 12+ months to make some much-needed upgrades to your business communications and business phone systems? What about your internet cabling and service? 

With a few simple changes to your system you’ll:

  • reduce your monthly and yearly phone & internet utility costs
  • improve reliability and video-conferencing clarity
  • add more users and employees at no additional cost
  • automate your messaging and emailing systems
  • utilize and auto-attendant
  • improve inbound and outbound international call quality and costs
  • and more

Help Your Employees Stay Connected

The way we work has changed, possibly for good. Connectivity has gone well beyond the office with many of us working from home over the past 18 months and that trend is continuing with hybrid models. We won’t all be going back to the office every day likely for a little bit and that means having flexibility for your business phone systems. 

  • Can your employees do the same work at home as in the office?
  • Video conferencing requires high-quality web connections, fiber-optic is the best you can get
  • Screen sharing is a critical tool to working together remotely
  • Send documents and attachments through the company internal messaging system
  • Work on the same document at the same time
  • Schedule appointments and calls
  • Work from home and stop paying for daycare

The old saying “location, location, location” isn’t as viable as it used to be. Today the new saying should be “speed, speed, speed”. You and your employees can work from anywhere but only if you have a stable and high-speed internet connection which your phone systems run through.

The Hybrid Office-Home Work Schedule

Some companies had been doing this on a very limited basis before the pandemic, then all businesses closed the doors to their employees. As we moved through the year little by little offices opened up but nearly every business has gone to a hybrid model for the time being. For example, employees will come into the office Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday but work from home Monday and Friday. This has become a popular model and you may have already switched to this or are considering doing so.

The office is safer than ever with more regular cleaning, social distancing, and now the power of vaccinations. But be sure you’re business telecommunication system and internet provider offer flexibility. 

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