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Setting Up Your Business to Work from Home

Things are starting to get back to normal here in Westchester County NY. But the threat of another coronavirus wave or future pandemic continues to loom over citizens and businesses alike. This means that being able to move your business operations to your home and your employees homes so work can continue is a must. Not only is it important today, but it’s also important should we need to shelter at home again in the future. Here we’ll take a look at what is required to get your business running while working from home today and down the road if need be.

Outdated Business Communication Systems Won’t Cut It

best VOIP for Business Westchester County NY

best VOIP for Business Westchester County NY

If you are using an older business communication system, whether that be copper wired phone lines or cable or DSL internet connections, you may be really left out on a limb should you need to move operations out of the office. These older systems simply are not set up to be mobile and that can mean major slowdowns when it comes to keeping your business moving forwards. When you can only service business calls from your business line at the office, that is a problem. When important files can only be accessed from the computers at the office, that is a problem. Systems built prior to the early 2000’s will have major limitations when it comes to working in our digital fast paced world, especially when you can’t physically go to the office.

What VOIP for Business Offers

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. Essentially it is a phone or communication system which uses internet connected devices to make calls and conduct business like conference video calls and more. These systems can be used on laptops that can be taken home as well as personal or company smart phones which are by nature mobile. This means that should we have to shelter in place again soon or anytime in the future, your business is ready to adjust to working from home. As long as you have an internet connection, either through a cell phone service data plan or home wifi, you can use VoIP to conduct your day to day business functions. Keeping your normal business phone numbers and employee extensions.

You may be asking yourself, can’t I just use Zoom? Services like Skype and Zoom are VoIP systems except they are not suitable for businesses. We’ve all heard of Zoom conference calls being “zoom bombed” where hackers took control of the video conference gaining access to documents and user personal information. This is a major security risk for businesses. With proprietary internal VoIP systems you get all the best features at a far more cost effective way than traditional phone lines. Those features include:

  • Conference calling
  • Video calling + video conferencing
  • Working from home availability
  • Screen share & screen image capture
  • Voicemail
  • Multiple Lines (users)
  • Scalability (adding users not physical lines)
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Local, national and international calling
  • Cost effective rates (far cheaper than traditional phones)
  • Additional security
  • and more

Using the Cloud + VoIP

Cloud storage and cloud computing allows you to store important business documents, software, and customer information on a protected and decentralized server system. The cloud allows you to access work files from any internet connected computer meaning that you can take your work with you. Either home, on vacation, or on the road. Storing important documents solely on computers or servers at the office has major limitations. Not only during a pandemic where we may be forced to shelter at home to conduct business, but also in normal circumstances. If an employee has to be in the office to make edits to an important legal document for your law firm (for example), then they can’t do work at home. This is just one way older communication systems are limiting.

Using a cloud communication system can be done two different ways. Either with VoIP as the connection protocol or through a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system. This is a system that functions within the office phones but can also be used through the Cloud and VoIP at home. This essentially combines traditional phone systems with modern phone systems offering you the best of both worlds.

Low or No Work From Home Setup Fees

Prior to the pandemic many business owners never even considered that one day they would have to move their entire operation to their home and their employees homes. Many business owners were in fear of huge operating costs to get every employee properly and securely set up at home to conduct day to day work operations. That could not be further from the truth. Through the best dedicated business phone system companies like here at Top Line Communications, getting set up was as easy as scheduling an appointment. If you’re already paying for VoIP and the Cloud, your basically already set up to work from home.

Staying Positive

We won’t have to work from home forever and we’re already seeing signs of life coming back to a sense of normalcy, even if it’s a “new normal”. Be sure that you prepare properly and stay positive during this time period. Your employees will feed off that positivity and when the going gets tough can turn to you as a pillar of stability.

For the best VOIP for Business Westchester County NY, look no further than right here at Top Line Communications. We proudly support the WBC (Westchester Business Counsel) and live right here where we operate. Stay safe from the entire team and we can get through this if we work together! 1-888-426-8647

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Business Fiber Internet: the Right Fit for Your Company

Internet speeds are constantly moving forwards. Modern businesses require the fastest connections available considering the increase in use of high bandwidth systems like cloud computing, VoIP (voice over internet protocol), streaming, data transfer and more. If your LAN line and office wifi are just average or inadequate you could be setting yourself up for some major headaches down the road. This technology isn’t going anywhere and as systems get more complex and require greater bandwidth, companies with outdated copper wiring or old connections like cable or DSL could find themselves severely stunted. Here we’ll look at why a fiber-optic internet connection is the right fit for your growing business.

As a leading business phone and internet communication company in the Westchester County NY metro area for nearly 30 years years, we understand the needs of modern businesses in terms of their communications systems. That means keeping everyone in the office well connected, or seamlessly set up to work from home; all with great connection speeds and room to grow. If a problem occurs businesses need a dedicated telecommunication company to make things right, immediately. That’s why we’ve built Top Line Communications the way we have, to keep you moving forwards.

Speed, Reliability & Bandwidth

Business Fiber Internet Westchester NY

Business Fiber Internet Westchester NY

Fiber-optic internet connections are much faster than traditional copper DSL or cable web installations. With speed from 5Mbps all the way up to 100Gbps, the sky is metaphorically the limit with fiber internet speeds. Whether you have 10 employees or 200 employees, nothing keeps everyone connected at the same time at higher speeds than a fiber-Internet installation. An outdated or slower connection can cost your business money, period. With more and more taxing business systems to available system bandwidth than ever before, fiber is the only widely available internet protocol that can meet and exceed that need.

Fiber has a few key advantages and one of those is reliability. Where as traditional cable or copper internet connections lose their speed the greater the number of individuals using the system, fiber doesn’t have those same limitations. The same goes with distance from the main office communication control room. With outdated copper or cable the further a connection is away from that central hub, the slower their connection will be. Compound that with a large number of users online at the same time and the office furthest from the communications room could be running at a snails pace. That is not good for business. Because of the way in which fiber-optic cables transfer data at the speed of light that slowdown is not possible. Also, fiber lines can vary in width with a more densely packed wider line having more fiber lines, something that traditional lines cannot offer.

The Cloud, VoIP & Security

Today more companies than ever are using cloud systems for their website, data management, and software needs. The cloud functions as an un-centralized “cloud” or database that stores information and can be easily accessed from any internet connected device. This is the way of the future, yes, but it is also the way of the here and now. Programs which traditionally ate a huge amount of local system storage space or could only be accessed from the office are long gone. Productivity increases and your business can move forwards more quickly. But there is a caveat. If your internet speed is not up to meeting the needs that cloud systems require in terms of speed and reliability, you could run into a lot of trouble. Or simply not be able to take advantage of the cloud. This is not something you want to miss out on.

VoIP has become the leading business phone system for businesses of all sizes. In conjunction with the cloud or on its own VoIP offers far better functionality than traditional hard lined business communication systems. It makes growth simple with easy ability to add users, complete conference calls, video chat, SMS messaging, screen share, file share, and more. A bit more than your desk phone can do to say the least. But VoIP also uses bandwidth. Let’s say your companies sales department is on the phone a lot, calling prospective clients and current clients throughout the day. If you’re using an older phone system this can be quite limiting.

In terms of security fiber is also far more secure. Unlike traditional copper lines which can be easily damaged by inclement whether or intentional tampering, that same sort of issue doesn’t arise with fiber. Also, if you’re using the cloud it is decentralized and that makes it far more secure as there is no central point where potential threats or hackers can focus on. All in all, fiber is the fastest, most reliable and the most secure.

Reduced Costs

One of the greatest benefits to a fiber internet connection is the reduction in internet costs. When you eliminate connection speed problems your companies productivity can surge. Combining that with the cloud and VoIP, which offer huge cost saving benefits compared to traditional business phone systems, you get a reduction in costs and reduction in things like dropped calls or system latency. No one wants to have a call drop in the middle of taking a credit card number or in the middle of signing a new client. Fiber is also great for saving in terms of your monthly internet connection costs.

Upgrade Today

We’ve seen a short list as to why business fiber internet is the right connection system for your company. No matter the size of your business, organization, institution, government building, hospital, or office space; fiber is the way to make things connect seamlessly. When you add more employees or computers to the system you don’t have a slow down or increase to your costs. Considering Saas (software-as-a-service), cloud computing, and VoiP are major breakthroughs for bushinesses in terms of increased revenue and reduction of costs your internet speed needs to be able to handle these systems. So get the ball rolling today.

For the best in Business Fiber Internet Westchester NY, look no further than over three decades of local expertise right here at Top Line Communications. We live here in the area where we operate, we are your neighbors, your friends, and your family. We’re also proud members of the Westchester Business Counsel (WBC). Call today for a consultation and see how we can improve all of your business telecommunications from phones to wiring to internet. 1-888-426-8647

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Understanding Business Phone Systems & Why to Upgrade

Business Phone System Westchester County NY

Business phone systems are different than your normal family home phone in many ways. There are also major differences in the type of phone systems that businesses can choose from. There is no cookie cutter solution. What your business needs for its telecommunications will depend on factors like your companies size, operating area, office space, employee numbers, budget constraints and more. Here we’ll look at the different types of phone networks your Westchester County business should be considering if you’re not already. Also, we’ll see why you should join the 21st century and upgrade today.

Phone System Options

Business Phone System Westchester County NY

Business Phone System Westchester County NY

First let’s see what an organization will use within the sphere of their communications. You’ll see pretty quickly its far different than your home phone set up. Some of the most functional capabilities of a business phone service include:

  • Conference & group calls – utilize features that allow multiple personnel to be on the same call for meetings, appointments, training, or conferencing.
  • On-hold messages & music – when customers are on hold they shouldn’t experience silence, this system can provide messages regarding sales or just on-hold music.
  • Multiple lines + adding lines – if you have employees or receive many customer calls at one time you’ll take advantage of the multiple lines. Expanding? This is a critical component.
  • Auto-attendant (automated features) – a call directory and extension system along with an auto-attendant which directs callers to the proper department. We’ve all used these systems before when calling larger companies.
  • Voice-mail – received messages to be listened to and addressed later when you’re out of the office or occupied.

Smaller and larger businesses alike benefit from these standardized features from today’s best business phone networks. Utilizing cost saving options like Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or the cloud can reduce your costs while at the same time increasing productivity. Let’s look a bit more carefully at your options.

First let’s look at a more traditional option.

PBX Phone Systems

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is more or less a completely private phone system used within your office location. It sends internal and external calls through the businesses physical phone lines but adds a variety of useful features that traditional phones do not offer on their own. There are other differences as well.

A PBX system is much easier to scale up or add lines to than a traditional phone system. It can be hosted on the Cloud which is called a “host PBX” or “virtual PBX” or even VoIP through what is known as a “IP-PBX”. PBX systems are also incredibly flexible making them great for your ever changing market landscape. This can be a great system your business can use which is essentially a merger of traditional and modern business phone communications. Taking the best from older systems and utilizing today’s modern technology to create a powerful bridging of technologies.

Fiber-Optics w/ VoIP & the Cloud

VoIP and the cloud offer every size of company (from small mom and pop shops to large multi-national corporations) huge benefits and cost saving bonuses. But if you don’t have a high quality high speed internet connection (like fiber internet) you could be selling those phone systems short. Unlike traditional phone lines VoIP & the Cloud are used and accessed through internet connectivity.

That means if you have a sales forces of 20 people and all of them are calling clients via VoIP, you had better have an internet set up that is up to scratch. Traditional DSL or cable internet is far slower than modern day Fiber internet. Because these phone systems rely on the web to connect people you should be sure you have true high speed internet, and the way of now and the future is fiber. No more traditional copper or other outdated wiring which has major limitations. Be sure you’re combining VoIP and the cloud with Fiber to get the most efficient set up.

Adding Lines & Users

With traditional copper wired phone and web connections every new employee or user would require an extension onto the current cabling structure. This is not only expensive but also time consuming. This means that older phone systems with these limitations are cost prohibitive to growth and make it far more difficult to get going. Not to mention with traditional internet like DSL, the further a user is from the central server room the slower their connection will be. With fiber internet and VoIP or Cloud phone systems you don’t have to deal with these same issues. You can simply add users under the current system as quickly as you like without incurring additional costs or downtime for new hardware installation. These are the systems for every growing company.

Upgrade Your Business Phone System

There is a multitude of reasons to upgrade your businesses phones. Not only in terms of built in growth, enhanced productivity, improved internal & external communication, and major cost saving; but also the ease of use. You’re getting the best of all technologies when you combine fiber internet with a cloud based VoIP business phone network. So be sure to get the ball rolling today and start seeing the benefits right away.

We’re finally opening back up from quarantine so it’s not longer an option to delay on changes to your current situation. For the best Business Phone System Westchester County NY, look no further than 30 years of local expertise right here at Top Line Communications. We proudly support the WBC (Westchester Business Counsel) and live right here where we operate. Stay safe from the entire team and we can get through this if we work together! 1-888-426-8647

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