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Growing Your Business with the Right Communications Platform

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Business Communications Palm Beach County FL | 0 comments

Florida is experiencing unprecedented population and business growth, especially here in Palm Beach County. As more people move here from high-tax and cold states, Florida stands to benefit and so too do the local businesses who operate here. If your company is growing faster than your communications system can handle, or you plan to start growing, it’s time to look carefully at the tools you have in place. Ask yourself a few fundamental questions:

  • Is your communications system capable of scalability?
  • Can you add new users and employees from anywhere?
  • Is it ready for video conferencing and VoIP calls?
  • Is it cost-effective? What are you paying for exactly?
  • Can those costs be reduced?
  • Can you get help immediately if you need it?
  • Why are you with your current business phone system provider?

If you can’t answer these (amongst others) or are unsure, it’s probably time to look carefully at your current phone service provider.

VoIP for Business is Better

Finding the right Palm Beach County Business Communications that uses VOIP for business.

Palm Beach County Business Communications

Even though we are mostly working in the offices again here in Florida, some people do work from home. Was your business able to pivot at the beginning of the pandemic to shift employee workstations to their home and meetings into virtual meetings? Was it hard to do, easy to do, or was never done at all? VoIP allows us to work from wherever we want, be that at the office, or from home.

VoIP is better than traditional phone lines for a few key reasons.

  • Cost reduction for local & international calls (compared to traditional phone services)
  • Local, national, and international calling
  • Cost-effective rates (far cheaper than traditional phones)
  • Auto-attendants
  • Conference calling 
  • Video calling + video conferencing
  • Working from home availability
  • Screen share & screen image capture
  • Voicemail
  • Multiple Lines (users)
  • Scalability (add users, not physical lines)
  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording

Not only does VOIP automatically offer these to every business, but it also costs far less than traditional phone systems. It is easier to install, easier to maintain, and more productive to use. It makes no sense to keep traditional phone lines in this day and age, is your company part of the 21st century yet?

Changing Your Provider is Easy

Considering VOIP can be used with your already internet-connected computers and phones, there is no major wiring required and installation can be as easy as downloading the software. So, if you’re looking to cut expenses and increase your margins, your phone and internet service is the first place to look. Every computer with an internet connection can become a phone, video conference location, message + file sending system, and more. Also, the portability of simply using your smartphone when not at the office makes VOIP more flexible.

Have employees who don’t work from the office? No problem. VoIP for business is what they should be using if they aren’t already. We don’t mean free programs like Skype or Zoom either. They will not offer the enterprise-level services you likely require.

Palm Beach County Business Communications

We’re proud to be offering new business customers all of the communication tools they need here in Palm Beach, FL. Give us a call today and let’s discuss your business telecommunication requirements and see where we can save you money and improve the service you receive.