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New Business Phone Systems in Palm Beach FL

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Business Communications Palm Beach County FL | 0 comments

Florida is experiencing massive growth. People are moving here from all over the country for lots of reasons. That means more growth for businesses across the board as local markets grow and expand. If your business isn’t using modern telecommunications or consolidated web tools, you’re missing a huge opportunity.

First, the monthly and yearly cost savings for updating your business’s phone systems is substantial. Second, productivity is greatly increased with modern phone and web systems. Third, security is dramatically increased using modern cloud-based web systems.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages Palm Beach County businesses are utilizing.

Cloud Services Increase Productivity

Consolidating your Business Phone Systems in Palm Beach FL increases productivity and reduces costs.

Business Phone Systems in Palm Beach FL

With traditional business computers and communication systems, parts aren’t connected in a way that makes sense. Emails come in one place, phone calls are managed elsewhere, orders and bookkeeping somewhere else, and so on. Today’s communications systems allow for a consolidated workflow that improves productivity and is easy to use. 

VOIP for Business: Voice/Video over Internet Protocol

Internet-connected phone systems are now mainstream. With bandwidth averages, ever-increasing so too is the quality of calls and video made over the web. In the past when VOIP systems like Skype first hit the market, businesses didn’t use them at all. Calls dropped too often or were spotty and the lag due to low bandwidth made VOIP unfeasible for true business communications. That is no longer the case.

With the rollout of broadband high-speed internet and 5G, nearly everyone has a powerful communication tool to take advantage of. Especially businesses and enterprises who can most benefit from high-speed connections. When 100 employees can be on the same group chat or video call or even share the same document, work can get done more quickly.

Palm Beach County Businesses Growing Quickly

Because of the mass exodus from the northeast of the USA and other high tax regions like California, Florida is growing faster than ever. The influx in permanent residents to Palm Beach and all of Southern Florida is outpacing the rest of the country. That is good news for growing businesses. Where businesses in other parts of the country can’t get staff to fill positions, companies here in PBC have the option to choose the best candidates. We’ve added more jobs in the state of Florida than any other state since the beginning of the pandemic, clearly, we’re doing something right.

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Every business has different needs. Are you a large enterprise growing and adding employees? Are you an established local eatery that needs to improve its POS and team management system? Do you have remote workers who need to be able to access the companies cloud systems from home? Are you looking to save on the expensive monthly phone and internet bills your company pays?

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