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Communication Failures During Pandemic Closed Businesses

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Business Phone Systems Westchester County NY | 0 comments

If we’ve learned anything in the past 18 months it’s that having good internet and phone services aren’t just important, they are critical to our work lives, family lives, school lives, home lives, and more. With tons of people still working from home (some maybe for good) and traveling only just getting going, you’re likely still making Zoom calls with the family and video conferences with work. 

Some people and lots of businesses learned rather quickly that they were ill-prepared to adjust to the pandemic pressure on your bandwidth and business phone systems. Whether small or large getting your employees set up at home and productive wasn’t as easy as flipping a switch. But some companies had the proper systems in place to adjust to this new world of work and they may not have even known it. 

Why VOIP Matters

Business Phones Westchester County NY

Business Phones Westchester County NY

Getting the most out of a home office, or even in person, means providing your employees and staff with everything they need to get productive no matter where they are. VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, offers the best set of tools and flexibility that you just can’t get with traditional copper wired phone and internet systems. Let’s take a look at an example. 

Example: Account Firm 99 w/ VOIP

Account Firm 99 is a Westchester County NY accounting firm that has many high-income clients here in the region. Before the pandemic, the office was filled with over 20 employees and 5 senior executives where everyone worked at their office or cubicle. When the pandemic hit in 2020 was during the height of tax season with offices all closing around or before March 12th. 

What did Accounting Firm 99 do?  Pivoted so everyone could do the same work from home as they could at the office. Because Accounting Firm 99 was already using a Cloud VOIP system from Top Line Communications, all 20 staff and 5 senior staff were able to pick up exactly where they left off, on the same document or call, that they had been working on when the offices closed. Accounting Firm 99 barely noticed the pandemic in terms of the workload and time frames as they were set up to work from wherever an employee may be.

Example: Accounting Firm 00 

This hypothetical firm also had 20 employees and 5 senior staff but did not have any VOIP or cloud systems for their business communications. This meant major slowdowns and delays in getting things done for all of their clients, so much so, that the extended tax filing deadline wasn’t enough time to complete all of their clients’ returns. This lead to late fees, penalties, and loss of business as those clients took their returns elsewhere for the following year.

Account Firm 00 had to get permission to get into their office to remove files and laptops and flash drives to then be able to work from home. If they had VOIP for business set up before the pandemic they would have moved smoothly through the way Accounting Firm 99 did. But they had a legacy phone and internet systems and this handcuffed their ability to continue being productive. 

Are You Prepared for What is to Come?

We’ve made it through to the other side of the pandemic, and though we lost many, we have prevailed. But is your business ready for a future pandemic or forced time out of the office? Even a fire at your office can cripple a business if they are not prepared and modernized with cloud-based systems that protect users from this sort of shut down or failure. 

Get in touch with us today and see what Top Line Communications can do to make your business protected no matter what the future brings. 

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