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Professional Network Cabling Services in Westchester NY

by | May 18, 2020 | Professional Network Cabling Services Westchester NY

When it comes to your business or organizations communication systems, getting the best service possible is key to keeping information flowing freely. But with so many different types of companies offering a wide range of different traditional and high-tech solutions it can be tricky to know where to turn. As the world turns to greater and greater technology there are a few staples which are proven effective for organizations of all sizes. Servicing voice, video, and data networks for environments from learning institutions, small businesses, industrial manufacturing facilities, medical services; isn’t for everyone. You’ll want to work with a company who has the right experience and credentials.

Here we’ll take a look at what goes into cabling and physical line installations for networking services.

Professional Network Cabling Services Westchester NY

Professional Network Cabling Services Westchester NY

Cabling Site Survey – here will be the first step on a new installation or cabling renovation. Technicians will physically come to your location and isolate different variables that you may not even be aware of which could effect an installation. Doing this accurately is crucial to things going smoothly. The survey will determine the feasibility of the installation, if specialty equipment is needed for the installation, what (if any) budget constraints there may be, and a time frame for the installation. After a survey you will also have a price quote that isn’t really possible before a cabling site survey.

Structured Cabling Installation – Planning, design, installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrading any size network is what you should expect from your network cabling company. Whether we’re talking about a new installation or an upgrade to your current communication set up, knowledge and experience are a must when it comes to who you hire. Because some systems can be rather complicated and require some serious planning you want to be sure you’ve hired the right team. Have they completed successful installation at other organizations that look similar to yours? How does the size compare to your network needs? You should look for some past work examples to be sure they can meet your individual needs.

Network Wiring Testing – been getting spotty calls or dropped calls through your current phone systems? Wiring infrastructure is the foundation of every single network and the way things are set up can lead to issues down the road if not done properly. Testing and certification for existing copper or fiber networks or a new installation can reveal where the problems are originating. Flaws in your wiring infrastructure can lead to lost data, dropped calls, and expensive repairs. Keeping your system optimal is why testing is recommended periodically.

Demarc Extension Services – A demarc extension is when your organization’s network is connected to a data line. For example a T1, POTS, or DSL connection. But here again experience will be paramount as every location has different needs when it comes to demarc extensions. Offices, schools, warehouses, shopping malls, and high-rise buildings will all have different needs when it comes to a demarc extension. Knowing how to service each individual location will be determined via a site survey. It improves connectivity and can help reduce costs.

Wi-Fi Network Installation – it’s an online world and being able to connect via wifi is a must for most organizations in conjunction with traditional hard wired connections. If you want to improve or add wifi to your organization communications infrastructure it will require careful planning. Every single wireless connectivity solution is custom designed to meet the specific challenges and particular needs of your individual location.

There are no cookie cutter per-fabracated installations possible when it comes to quality network connectivity. Every business and organization has different connectivity needs. Every physical site has it’s own individual structure and wiring needs. No two installations are completely identical. That means that working with a well qualified network installation company can make a huge different in the efficacy of your system over time. Cutting corners when it comes to your organizations infrastructure is never a good idea and in today’s information age protecting your connections integrity is critically important. Ask questions, get a consultation, get a site survey, plan your budget and get things moving.

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