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Why You Need Integrated Business Contact Solutions

by | Mar 28, 2020 | Business Contact Solutions Westchester NY

Technology has been rapidly evolving over the past several decades and that means big changes to the way in which modern companies do business. That means if your contact center solutions are outdated you cannot keep pace with your clients demands or cloud-based technologies which now run most communication platforms. Here we’ll look at what a modern day contact center software system can do for your businesses connectivity and productivity.

Business Contact Solutions Westchester NY

Business Contact Solutions Westchester NY

Isolated Contact Solutions are Isolated

The way this worked traditionally is contact software is used as a type of foundation you build on. A company buys call solutions from a telecommunication provider and over time they add new software piece by piece. This model has been used by businesses for decades but it has many drawback in the modern age:

  • Isolation – these solutions are not unified in that there is no ability to easily data share, collaborate, or connect to multiple aspects of your business. These are typically physical location based which prevents businesses from utilizing the cloud and the possibility of seamless growth in the future.
  • High Costs – almost always every new piece of software or hardware comes from different places. This means companies have no choice but to pay high costs for new or additional functionalities, both upfront and through monthly maintenance fees.
  • Software Variation – different software programs often will not be easy to integrate or could even be impossible. This means your employees have to go in and out of different programs individually to get things done, this slows work productivity and can hurt your overall customer experience. That doesn’t even take into account the time it takes to train on different programs for your employees.

Isolated contact solutions create higher costs for companies but at the same time limit their ability to grow and meet all varying customer necessities. In a world more connected than ever, basic outbound and inbound connections are only part of the story. The only real way to maintain customer care, workplace productivity, and the possibility to grow is through consolidated contact center solutions, not stand-alone one’s.

Why A Consolidated Contact Solution?

1. In-House Communication & Connectivity – especially now with the surge of needing your employees to be able to work from home, how employees work together while in different locations is crucial. Tools to allow seamless internal work flow are the ticket. With all variety of options from: group / conference calls, conference videos, screen share, multiple phone lines, connected work chains, connected work software, progress management, itinerary checklist, to do lists (that everyone can see what has and has not been completed and who is working on something), make all of that possible no matter where employees are.

For your customers, this means that everyone is on the same page regarding your customers accounts, needs, and upkeep. If a particular customer has a problem which requires two different branches of your company to resolve, those 2 branches are able to be connected and collaborate in their effort to fix the problem rapidly. If they are forced to use old systems which are not set up to make this possible, things will take far longer to get done, hurting your clients overall experience.

2. Enterprise Level Communications Without Enterprise Level Costs – programs and software that must be added on top of one another compounds your purchasing and maintenance costs. Over time this can build up to be quite expensive. With a consolidated integrated communication system all of these moving parts are put into a single basket. That means that costs are greatly reduced and you do not have to spend additional time to train employees to use individual programs. Everything is under one system and that makes for a cheaper and far more efficient solution. New benefits or add-ons are seamlessly integrated into the current network so you’re not allocating huge amounts of time or investment to improve your services quality.

3. VOIP + The Cloud – the benefits that come through consolidation are possible through cloud system computing. It allows employees to access files and programs from any location and makes it so your data is well protected. By utilizing a decentralized system there is no risk of corruption due to inclement weather or some other sort of issue that can resolve with isolated physical networks. It is also far more secure from security breaches. VOIP, also uses the internet to direct voice, text, and video calls in a fast and far more cost effective manner than traditional phone systems. Make international calls often? That cost is dramatically reduced using VOIP via the Cloud.

4. Improve Your Customer Experience – because the use of integrated contact solutions makes work flow more efficient, it improves the customer experience as well. When your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is integrated into the network, you gain useful info regarding customer needs and actions. You are then able to customize what needs to be done for each individual client without having to resort to cookie cutter solutions which often fall short in one way or another. All of the interactions are stored on the cloud meaning they can be used for training, marketing, and up-selling.

Switch Today

If your current business communication and contact solution doesn’t meet the needs that you have, it’s time to change. That doesn’t have to be an expensive or painful process either. With cloud computing and integrated software it can be as easy as saying “let’s do it”. Working with a dedicated team right here in Westchester County NY who knows your business and knows what you need can improve every aspect of your businesses communications.

For the best in Business Contact Solutions Westchester NY, look no further than almost 30 years of local expertise right here at Top Line Communications. Call for a consultation and see how we can improve your entire businesses communication today. We proudly live where we operate and have been a member of the Westchester Business Counsel for many years. Stay safe from the entire team and we can get through this if we work together! 1-888-426-8647