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Benefits Of Upgrading Your Business Phone With SIP Trunking

by | Mar 17, 2020 | SIP Trunking Westchester County NY

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) can provide a wide range of telecommunication upgrades for businesses still using an outdated copper wiring infrastructure. It is essentially a way to beef up your current phone systems without having to do major hardware and cabling re-builds (which is very costly and time consuming). Because of its simplicity and speed there are quite a few benefits to utilizing a SIP system that every business owner in Westchester County should consider. Let’s take a look at why you should be considering an efficient upgrade with a SIP trunk today.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunking Westchester County NY

SIP Trunking Westchester County NY

SIP trunking is a technique which uses Internet Protocol (IP) to provide multiple users access to a network through multiple shared frequencies or lines. Think of it essentially as a tree, where the tree has a trunk as a base which leads upwards to all of its large and small branches. SIP Trunks can carry data from many LAN (local area network) or VLANs (virtual LANs) across a single connection between routers and switches known as a trunk port. Also, despite having the name “trunk” which sounds like large cumbersome piece of technology, there is no physical “trunk” associated with SIP. In simpler terms, a SIP TRUNK can replace a wide range of traditional products allowing your organization to utilize the speed and benefits of a consolidated internet-based phone network.

Major Benefits of SIP Trunking

1. Reduction of Costs – with traditional cable phone systems you are subject to a wide range of seemingly elusive charges for your local, long distance, and international calls. SIP allows companies immediate access to straightforward pricing typically billed per-user. Instead of ticket shock each month when paying for services, SIP provides stabilized monthly costs. Studies have shown that companies who made the switch to SIP saved an average of 50% monthly to their phone system costs. For larger organizations with a higher volume of lines and international or long-distance calls, the savings were even greater.

2. Consolidated Communications – SIP also acts as a gateway to UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). By utilizing the full suite of SIP communications tools (fiber-optic internet connections, video conferencing, etc.) companies unlock the major benefits of an internet-based communication network. That includes video & voice messaging, instant messaging, mobility, app collaboration, cloud-based tools and other flexibilities important for business communication and growth.

3. Instant ROI – With most common technology investments companies make, the benefit or quantifiable ROI, may take years to develop. It is often a gamble the company feels forced into making with no clear definitive time frame as to when that gamble will or will not pay off. SIP, on the other hand, is long established and requires the most minimum of upfront investment costs. Savings start at the first billing cycle and require far less investment, positives for companies of every size.

4. Consolidation – most services are sold as stand-alone services (even from a solitary provider) forcing companies to pay for things like data and phone services separately. By using a SIP trunk, organizations move everything to a single consolidated network where calls are treated and transmitted as data packets. This saves companies a significant operating cost while at the same time improving reliability and functionality.

5. Reduction of Physical Infrastructure – older phone systems have outdated and largely obsolete technology that is cumbersome and expensive. Because they are often locked into a physical framework, expanding is one of the greatest challenges companies face when using an old physical system. Whether it’s waiting too long for the service provider to come install a phone line or set up a new location (all which costs money), those limitations become very apparent. Utilizing SIP, your company can add numbers and lines simply through connecting with a handset to your consolidated connection. Employees who work in the field or away from the office can be seamlessly integrated into your company network. Reducing your physical infrastructure also alleviates problems that can arise from physical cabling, such as water damage or other forms of system compromises.

6. Network Reliability – Physical phone services can be damaged and interrupted by things like extreme weather or a truck hitting a telephone pole for example. SIP on the other hand doesn’t face the same risks to network reliability that outdated physical systems do. With aspects like mobile forwarding in the rare case of a system drop, you will experience no missed calls or downtime as the calls are redirected to office lines or employee mobile devices. To put it simply reliability is dramatically improved when using a SIP trunk.

So, Is SIP A Smart Choice For My Business?

Because no two organizations are the same SIP trunking is designed to improve functionality and offer major cost savings. If you are ready to reap the benefits of internet-based phones, get set with a VOIP provider, and move business communications to the cloud, you are ready for SIP. If you have ever had problems with unreliability, bizarre monthly charges, high per minute call costs, expansion, or inter-company connectivity, you will most likely benefit from a SIP trunking overhaul. To learn more about how SIP can improve your organizations communications while saving you significant costs, please don’t hesitate to call us today.

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