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It has been a wild 12 months since March 2020. The way we do business, teach, learn, and shop has shifted away from in-person to all digital or mostly digital. Nowhere has this change been felt more impactfully than in business offices, with many of them still empty a year after the first exodus.

Top Line Communications

Top Line Communications

Top Line Communications has been leading the way here in Westchester New York. With the rapid deployment of work-from-home systems for businesses, school districts, hospitals, and more; our clients saw no downtime when converting from in-office to at-home working conditions. This meant being a step ahead of local competitors for businesses able to pivot quickly towards digital work and sales transactions. 

What did it take? A few simple steps and our clients were prepared for however long the work-from-home lifestyle stays in effect. What we put in place:

  • VOIP for business
  • Headsets & handsets
  • installation and tutorials for employees working from home
  • Auto-attendant
  • Screen sharing & conference calling (video & audio)
  • Walkthroughs and 24/7 Support whenever needed
  • and more

The entire business phone system suites were set up at clients’ homes and their employee’s homes on day one of the stay-at-home order. This is for a few reasons:

  1. Our proprietary VOIP for business is portable, efficient, and secure. Allowing employees to work from wherever they may be.
  2. There is no required installation of hard lines or other technology items, systems use any internet-connected computer or smartphone. 
  3. Costs are far lower than traditional business phone systems.
  4. It is mobile. Need to go to a client’s location? No problem, your phone system travels with you. 

How does Top Line Communications Stand Apart?

First, we’ve been operating in Westchester for over 30 years, proudly living right here where we work as your neighbors. Also, we have been experienced in the work-from-home movement before the pandemic so this shift away from the office was right up our alley. We’ve already set up your clients with the ability to work on the go and from home so they have a huge advantage when other businesses are struggling to adjust to this new work set-up.

What About Work-from-Home Speeds?

Your business and connectivity don’t have to suffer just because you are working from home. Top Line’s system is “top of the line” (as our name says!) when it comes to speed and reliability, keeping your workflow moving forwards steadily day in and day out. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be working at similar speeds to what you experienced in the office if not more as there are likely fewer people on your network compared to the office network (especially if it’s outdated copper wiring lines). Those with a fiber installation will experience a possible increase in speed, so there are huge advantages to using these systems not to mention their lower costs. 

Getting Back to the Office

One major benefit of using TopLineCommunications business phone systems is that you won’t notice a difference whether you’re working from home or returning to the office. VOIP isn’t beholden to any single physical location so that means your office goes with you as you commute or travel or just stay home. The office won’t be vacant forever so this is a major benefit to companies who are looking forwards to getting back into their physical offices. 

Top Line Communications is the leading business phone system provider here in Westchester County NY, for more than 30 years. Call us today for a consultation on how we can improve your business workflow while also reducing your communication costs at the same time.