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Business Fiber Internet: the Right Fit for Your Company

by | Jul 14, 2020 | Fiber-Optic Installation Westchester NY

Internet speeds are constantly moving forwards. Modern businesses require the fastest connections available considering the increase in use of high bandwidth systems like cloud computing, VoIP (voice over internet protocol), streaming, data transfer and more. If your LAN line and office wifi are just average or inadequate you could be setting yourself up for some major headaches down the road. This technology isn’t going anywhere and as systems get more complex and require greater bandwidth, companies with outdated copper wiring or old connections like cable or DSL could find themselves severely stunted. Here we’ll look at why a fiber-optic internet connection is the right fit for your growing business.

As a leading business phone and internet communication company in the Westchester County NY metro area for nearly 30 years years, we understand the needs of modern businesses in terms of their communications systems. That means keeping everyone in the office well connected, or seamlessly set up to work from home; all with great connection speeds and room to grow. If a problem occurs businesses need a dedicated telecommunication company to make things right, immediately. That’s why we’ve built Top Line Communications the way we have, to keep you moving forwards.

Speed, Reliability & Bandwidth

Business Fiber Internet Westchester NY

Business Fiber Internet Westchester NY

Fiber-optic internet connections are much faster than traditional copper DSL or cable web installations. With speed from 5Mbps all the way up to 100Gbps, the sky is metaphorically the limit with fiber internet speeds. Whether you have 10 employees or 200 employees, nothing keeps everyone connected at the same time at higher speeds than a fiber-Internet installation. An outdated or slower connection can cost your business money, period. With more and more taxing business systems to available system bandwidth than ever before, fiber is the only widely available internet protocol that can meet and exceed that need.

Fiber has a few key advantages and one of those is reliability. Where as traditional cable or copper internet connections lose their speed the greater the number of individuals using the system, fiber doesn’t have those same limitations. The same goes with distance from the main office communication control room. With outdated copper or cable the further a connection is away from that central hub, the slower their connection will be. Compound that with a large number of users online at the same time and the office furthest from the communications room could be running at a snails pace. That is not good for business. Because of the way in which fiber-optic cables transfer data at the speed of light that slowdown is not possible. Also, fiber lines can vary in width with a more densely packed wider line having more fiber lines, something that traditional lines cannot offer.

The Cloud, VoIP & Security

Today more companies than ever are using cloud systems for their website, data management, and software needs. The cloud functions as an un-centralized “cloud” or database that stores information and can be easily accessed from any internet connected device. This is the way of the future, yes, but it is also the way of the here and now. Programs which traditionally ate a huge amount of local system storage space or could only be accessed from the office are long gone. Productivity increases and your business can move forwards more quickly. But there is a caveat. If your internet speed is not up to meeting the needs that cloud systems require in terms of speed and reliability, you could run into a lot of trouble. Or simply not be able to take advantage of the cloud. This is not something you want to miss out on.

VoIP has become the leading business phone system for businesses of all sizes. In conjunction with the cloud or on its own VoIP offers far better functionality than traditional hard lined business communication systems. It makes growth simple with easy ability to add users, complete conference calls, video chat, SMS messaging, screen share, file share, and more. A bit more than your desk phone can do to say the least. But VoIP also uses bandwidth. Let’s say your companies sales department is on the phone a lot, calling prospective clients and current clients throughout the day. If you’re using an older phone system this can be quite limiting.

In terms of security fiber is also far more secure. Unlike traditional copper lines which can be easily damaged by inclement whether or intentional tampering, that same sort of issue doesn’t arise with fiber. Also, if you’re using the cloud it is decentralized and that makes it far more secure as there is no central point where potential threats or hackers can focus on. All in all, fiber is the fastest, most reliable and the most secure.

Reduced Costs

One of the greatest benefits to a fiber internet connection is the reduction in internet costs. When you eliminate connection speed problems your companies productivity can surge. Combining that with the cloud and VoIP, which offer huge cost saving benefits compared to traditional business phone systems, you get a reduction in costs and reduction in things like dropped calls or system latency. No one wants to have a call drop in the middle of taking a credit card number or in the middle of signing a new client. Fiber is also great for saving in terms of your monthly internet connection costs.

Upgrade Today

We’ve seen a short list as to why business fiber internet is the right connection system for your company. No matter the size of your business, organization, institution, government building, hospital, or office space; fiber is the way to make things connect seamlessly. When you add more employees or computers to the system you don’t have a slow down or increase to your costs. Considering Saas (software-as-a-service), cloud computing, and VoiP are major breakthroughs for bushinesses in terms of increased revenue and reduction of costs your internet speed needs to be able to handle these systems. So get the ball rolling today.

For the best in Business Fiber Internet Westchester NY, look no further than over three decades of local expertise right here at Top Line Communications. We live here in the area where we operate, we are your neighbors, your friends, and your family. We’re also proud members of the Westchester Business Counsel (WBC). Call today for a consultation and see how we can improve all of your business telecommunications from phones to wiring to internet. TopLineCommunications.com 1-888-426-8647