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Why Your Westchester Business Should Be Using VOIP

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Business VOIP Westchester County NY

VOIP (voice over internet protocol) is a type of technology that is used for video and call communication through the internet. It is different than traditional cable phones or wired connections that we have all had in our home and offices for decades. Today more and more businesses of all sizes are converting or setting up VOIP because it has a number of advantages over traditional phone services and is far cheaper. Here we’ll look at some reasons why your business should change.

Better Communications Costs

Business VOIP Services Westchester County NY

Business VOIP Services Westchester County NY

VOIP services allow users to connect with other users at little or no cost. Anyone who has an account can speak or video chat with someone else who also has an account. So that is one no cost advantage. VOIP services also let your business use existing phones which are web connected to make unlimited calls at no or a greatly reduced cost in comparison to a traditional cable company. Depending on the size of your company and call needs the costs will be on a sliding scale to match your needs, they also don’t have to be cookie cutter solutions.

Decreased Software & Hardware Costs

If you’re worried converting to VOIP would bring steep software and hardware costs take a deep breath because it’s actually just the opposite. Most VOIP systems need little or even no formal installation and can run on equipment you already have at the office. For the “hardware” all you need is a computer with a working microphone and speaker or headset which you most likely already have. Or that the VOIP company provides at a small fee or no fee at all for using the service.

Make Multiple Calls At Once

Where traditional phone lines allowing only a one to one connection or who will want to charge you high fees for setting up multiple lines or allowing multiple calls to happen at once, VOIP does just the opposite. You can make group calls or conference calls (even conference video calls) right through the VOIP system. This can be critical for businesses of every size where employees and management can get together on the phone or via video and get work done as if they are in the same room.

Faster For Customer Support Connections

When using VOIP it is faster than traditional phone lines for customers to get support and transferred to the right department when needed. When you can resolve a customer service issue faster that makes that customer feel better cared for and that means they will be happy to stay using your business.

VOIP Has Way More Features

Traditional phone lines do typically two things, a phone line and a fax line (which you must pay for as a separate number). VOIP on the other hand has a whole slew of features that are designed right into the system with no additional fees to speak of. They include:

  • Voicemail
  • Fax
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Telephone Number Blocking
  • Extensions
  • 411 Directory
  • Call Back Number
  • Text Messaging (SMS)
  • Speed Dialing
  • Call Recording
  • and more

How To Get Started

If you’re tired of just being an account number to one of the large phone companies who are always trying to up-sell you other services and who make take days to get to your location if you have an issue, then it’s time to make the switch. There are big companies who don’t know you or your business and who do not even have the best dial tone and phone system rates and there are better dedicated companies who know your name and your business. Making the choice between these two should be simple. So make the change for your Business VOIP Services Westchester County NY, right here at Top Line Communications. The leading phone service provider for our area. 1-866-95TOPLINE