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Westchester Businesses VOIP and Working from Home

by | Apr 30, 2020 | Business VOIP Westchester County NY

It has been a start to 2020 that no one could have predicted. Businesses, universities, school districts, governments and everyday folks around the country and globe have had to adjust to lives spent indoors. Most businesses have been deemed “non-essential” yet we know that every business is essential to those who run it and who work there. Now more than ever being able to work from home in a safe and secure way is critical to a business’s ability to function during this coronavirus lock-down. So, the question is simple, is your Westchester county business set up to allow employees to work from home? Here we will see how and why you should upgrade your small business phone system to meet the current situation head on.

VoIP For Business & Working Remotely

VoIP For Business Westchester County NY

VoIP For Business Westchester County NY

Everyone has cell phones and most have personal computers but is that enough to get you and your employees working from home safely and securely? The short answer is yes but with a caveat. Free services like Skype and Zoom are not designed to be used for small, medium, or large-scale businesses and organization. The best business phone services will have proprietary VoIP (voice over internet protocol) which offer a multitude of features in a far more secure fashion. What does VoIP for business offer in terms of working from home?

  • Remote Working Accessibility
  • Conference Calling
  • Video Conferencing
  • Computer Screen Sharing
  • Internal Text Chatting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Image Capture
  • Document Sharing
  • Unlimited Call Volumes (In Network)
  • No Geographic Limitations
  • and more

This is a short list of VoIP for business and how it offers incredible functionality in these times where we are mostly working from home. There are also incredible cost benefits in comparison to traditional business phone systems. Where traditional phones charge per minute and far more for long distance or international calls, VoIP makes this cost zero or incredibly reduced.

Adding Lines & Users

Where traditional business phone set ups have a specific number of physical phones and lines VoIP for business has no limitations on how quickly or how many users can be added. By simply providing new unique login information to a new employee or team member, they then have access to your internal VoIP network. This means no adding new phone lines or hardware at the office as you can add users from wherever they are working, be that at home or abroad. This greatly reduces the costs for growing businesses and organizations who need to add more employees to their work force. Scalability is built in directly here and this means growth is not cost prohibitive where it can be with some outdated traditional phone systems.

Simple Installation

Whereas traditional phone lines come with loads of hardware (phone lines, routers, physical phones, computers, etc.), VoIP for business requires none of that. You can simply install the VoIP software on any existing computer and smart phone that you and your employees already have. It is as simple as installing the software, setting up a new username and password, and getting to work. This means that no employees will need to go to the office to get a work laptop or have a technician come to their home to set up their work phone. It makes your life as a business owner far simpler in getting staff connected to your network and working from home with everyone else on the team.

Why Upgrade TO VoIP For Business Today

VoIP is the way of the here and now as traditional hardwired phone systems become obsolete for modern businesses. They are cost prohibitive and have far too many limitations that you simply do not need to deal with these days. Getting set up with the best business phone services today means utilizing the current technology like VoIP and the cloud. So, get the ball rolling today with a consultation on how and why you should be changing your phone systems today.

For the best in VoIP For Business Westchester County NY, look no further than 30 years of local expertise, right here at Top Line Communications. We are proud members of the WBC (Westchester Business Counsel) and live where we operate right here with you. Stay healthy and we will all get through this together! 1-888-426-8647