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Online Businesses Offer Phone Support via VoIP Phone System

by | Dec 14, 2016 | VoIP

4 Reasons Why Your Online Business Needs Phone Support

If you run your business online, whether it is for a product or a service, chances are the vast majority of interactions are done via email and chat. While those are valuable communication methods, if you do not also have VoIP phone system intact to route callers to your support team, you could be missing an essential piece of the puzzle. Here are four reasons why VoIP phone service routing is key for your long-term business goals:

Earn Customer Trust

Earning the trust of your customers is crucial. You may have an abundance of testimonials and case studies proving your worth, but when it comes to building trust, nothing compares to talking with a live person. A VoIP phone system can route customers and prospects to customer service representatives, to get their questions answered and their issues solved. In doing so, they will know they can count on you the next time help is required.

Improve Customer Retention

If a customer is frustrated with something—whether it’s a technical issue, a product issue, or a service issue—they want to get help immediately. They don’t want to wait for an email or online chat. By having a VoIP phone number the customer can call, you can instantly work to make the customer happy. This will keep them loyal instead of causing them to seek out your competitors while they are waiting for a reply.

Be Available for Orders

While the majority of online shoppers are okay with completing the entire transaction online, there is a still a decent percentage of shoppers who would rather pick up the phone and call. This assures them the transaction is being completed properly and all of their questions are answered. A VoIP phone system can also provide an alternative payment option for those shoppers who are weary of online credit card payments. If you do not offer phone support, you could be missing out on substantial possible revenue.

Earn More Money

There is no rule that says VoIP phone support routing has to be free. If the majority of your customers are satisfied with only online interactions, then you can offer phone support for an additional fee. By offering this premium service, you can capture the customers that want immediate, personalized help while still keeping your bottom line intact. It is not ideal for every industry, but some customers are sure to take advantage of the service.

By incorporating a VoIP phone system into your online business, you can improve customer service options, retain current customers, and capture new ones. To learn more about the VoIP phone support options available for your business, contact Top Line Communications.