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How VoIP Business Phone Systems Can Save Startups

by | Nov 21, 2016 | VoIP

As a startup, every detail matters—especially the way you communicate with your customers. Obviously, a business phone system is not optional; however, choosing between an onsite system and a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system is. When it comes to saving money and allowing for versatility, an IP phone is the best choice. Here are four ways that VoIP systems can help your startup flourish instead of fail:

Save on Startup Costs

Without a business phone system that has diverse capabilities—including call routing, toll-free phone numbers, teleconferencing, etc.—you simply cannot run a successful business. If your startup opts for an onsite business phone system, you can expect to pay a substantial amount for all of these offerings. Or you can go with a VoIP service that provides all of this, and more, for a fraction of the cost thanks to its cloud-based platform.

Eliminate the Need for a Dedicated Office

With an IP phone, you only need an Internet connection to be up and running. This means that even if you don’t have a dedicated office space yet, you can still take advantage of the many business phone system features you need. And if you find yourself traveling frequently, your business communications will not be interrupted—even web conferencing and video calls are effortless.

Simplify Employee Training

Onsite business phone systems can be complicated, which means they can be difficult to teach to new employees. On the contrary, VoIP systems are configured to closely resemble the platform today’s workers are used to: their mobile devices. Gone are the days of long training sessions and hard-to-remember protocols. Not only do IP phones allow for shorter training sessions, they also result in much fewer mistakes.

Make Expansion Effortless

You may be a startup now, but chances are, expansion is in your future. With an onsite business phone system, this upgrade can be quite costly, but with a VoIP system, it’s as easy as contacting your VoIP service provider. Whether you are expanding to multiple locations or looking to upgrade to more advanced features, any additions you need are done through the cloud for a fraction of the price with minimal effort on your part.

VoIP systems have changed the way businesses of all sizes function, and the benefits they provide are even more apparent when you are just starting out. With lower operating costs, simple expansion capabilities, and the power to work wherever you see fit, a VoIP service just makes sense. If you want to give your startup the power of a big-business phone system, contact us today.