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Upgrading Your Businesses Network Cabling Matters

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Business Network Cabling Westchester NY

It is now 2020 and that means a new decade and new technology for your business. Because every aspect of your Westchester County business relies on data communication through physical cabling, upgrading to match current standards will be paramount to keeping you modern and scalable in the new decade. No matter if you are hospital, school district, tech company, real estate office, or small business; upgrading your infrastructure is necessary.  More reliable communication for both internal and external transactions makes a difference.

The Cost vs. Benefit Ratio

Business Network Cabling Westchester NY

Business Network Cabling Westchester NY

Old communication network cabling has some key drawbacks. Not only in terms of its speed and reliability but also in the high costs to maintain them. Older network equipment (like cables & routers) have a limited shelf life. They will inevitably fail at some point and that can mean costly repairs and maintenance fees. Damages or wear can lead to very slow internal systems which hurts your business and your customers and it can be costly and time consuming to have them repaired. So if you’re avoiding the cost of upgrading your system you may wind up paying even more just to maintain an old system. The old adage holds that when something is from an older generation the modern age leaves it behind. Business network cabling is no different.

Performance Is Key

Let’s say you are a Westchester County hospital. There are real risks to having your systems performance go down or dramatically slow down due to an error in the old cabling network. Not only will it make it difficult to have the problem resolved (old wiring can be cumbersome and have faults on multiple lines) but there could even be actual lives at risk. If nurses and doctors are having a hard time or no luck at all in contacting one another regarding a patient, you could be looking at more than just a system slow down. For businesses, customer support can degrade or shut down all together while you are getting your old system repaired. So it becomes expensive in repair costs and your performance will suffer. That can mean losing clients or losing uptime and none of that is good.

Network Downtime Issues Hurt

The reliability of your network can make or break your day to day business functions. To put it simply, downtime is crippling and expensive to your company no matter the size. When employees can’t do their work and have to devote time and energy to getting your IT systems back online, productivity falters. Or you have to wait for the cabling company to physically come to your location, determine what is the problem, and then go about the long exercise of repairing your out dated cabling network. Each of these possibilities are costly. Because modern digital and physical technology is ever moving forwards you need to move forwards along with it. New systems are more efficient, have greater capacity, are easier to maintain, and overall are far more reliable. This is another reason to upgrade.

Security Of Your Network

We’ve all heard of data breaches and hackers getting access to sensitive information of large companies and many businesses just hope it doesn’t happen to them. The thing is if you’re using a previous generation outdated network cabling and infrastructure, you’re at a far greater risk of being hacked than a company using current cabling tech. Things like firewalls and protection become more and more important as traffic becomes more unified over the same cable. Today most network devices will come with advanced firewall technology integrated directly into cable routers. Because the data of your business and that of your clients is sensitive, ensuring you have the most up to date security network is huge to protecting yourself and your clients from dangerous hackers.

Who To Hire

Not all network cabling providers are equal but knowing who to hire doesn’t have to be overwhelming or time consuming. Working with a dedicated local contractor is often a far better solution than some of the national corporations when it comes to service costs and customer support. When it can take a day or two for a technician to get out to your location to solve a problem from a large national company, that can spell disaster or major downtimes for your business. We specialize in installing and maintaining data, fiber, SIP, optic, phone, voice, and coax cabling for all of Westchester.

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