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Thermal Temperature Monitoring System Installations

by | Sep 11, 2020 | Thermal Temperature Checking Systems Westchester NY

The world looks a lot different than it did at the beginning of 2020. With the coronavirus here to stay in the United States, businesses, organizations, hospitals, universities, school districts, local governments, casinos, public transit, retail stores, restaurants and more; are all adjusting to our new “normal”. Top Line Communications is now installing low volume and high volume thermal temperature monitoring stations and camera systems around Westchester County NY. See how these systems work and if this new technology is a good fit for your organization in this time where safety measures are so important.

Safety in the Workplace

Thermal Temperature Checking Systems Westchester NY

Thermal Temperature Checking Systems Westchester NY

For high volume workspaces including places like gym’s, casinos, hospitals, busy offices, etc; there may be a new company policy to check the temperature of every person prior to entering the facility. For example, at a gyms it works like this: when a person enters to workout they are screened by staff who manually take their temperature. This works to a degree but there are some flaws. Firstly, this means staff have to take time to actually take the temperature of the person entering. Secondly, they have to get closer to the person entering to take said temperature (even with the hand held scanner thermometers). So this wastes time and it brings people closer together which eliminates social distancing to a degree. It can mean businesses and organizations have to staff additional employees just to take people’s temperature as well. It’s overall too labor intensive and time consuming.

A Solution for Low Volume Temperature Checking

With new technology it has become far easier to take the temperature of a large number of people. Thermal temperature monitoring stations with facial detection are a new tool in the fight against Covid-19. In places where the volume is not as high as places like restaurants or hotels, a lower volume temperature screening system can be the right fit. This is set up as a kiosk solution where people simply need to walk up one at a time, the systems thermal imaging recognizes where their face is and uses the thermal imaging to check their temperature. Modern systems will give a pass (normal temperature), fail (elevated temperature), or mask (meaning the person has a mask and the temperature cannot accurately be determined. This is a huge time saving opportunity for businesses and organizations who have a high enough volume of temperature scanning needs to install a stand alone kiosk or kiosk at the front desk.

A Solution for Higher Volume Temperature Checking

If you’re place of operation has a lot of people coming through it’s doors everyday a high volume screening solution can be the right fit. Instead of the kiosk this system employs thermal cameras which are capable of identifying individuals with an elevated temperature. The best systems can measure skin temperature from 23 feet away over a 12 foot wide area or within a 16 feet by 7 feet area to reduce the risk of transmission and spread. The systems are advanced enough to also reject false positives from those who have just had hot drinks using that thermal imaging tech. These camera systems determine the temperature through the human eye’s inner canthus. It can work through glasses but they are recommended to be removed as well as any face coverings or head accessories like hats. This is the ultimate way to temperature check every single person walking through your doors even if that is a large number of individuals. Think airports where people are indoors and close together. Yes there is less travel happening right now but we all know what crowded airports look like so getting this technology installed now can be a game changer down the road.

Who are These Systems Right For?

As the world adjusts to living with coronvirus we have to take measures to keep ourselves, our staff, and one another safe as best we can. These thermal imaging temperature checking solutions are ideal for a vast number of industries and organizations. These systems are great tools for: businesses, organizations, hospitals, universities, school districts, local governments, casinos, public transit, retail stores, restaurants and more. Public spaces that have a lot of foot traffic or people entering and exiting their doors should seriously consider looking into this sort of technology.

Let’s take a Casino for example. It is indoors, people share tables, they share slot machines, and air conditioning is used are just some of the high risk factors associated with entering a casino. If people feel unsafe to come in the first place because of these factors the casino will undoubtedly suffer. Revenue will be down, employees will have to be laid off or furloughed, tips will be down for those who are working and the entire business model will suffer. Our economy cannot open back up if people don’t feel safe and are still getting sick at high rates. But what if the casino advertises their safety precautions including sanitation and now extensive temperature checking throughout the facility using new thermal imaging technology? If people know that whey they enter the casino they are being protected with all of the best technology there is, wouldn’t they feel more comfortable coming to play? The answer is yes. If people feel safe then we can get back to business, period. So get a competitive advantage and deploy your thermal temperature monitoring system right away.

Top Line Communication Installation Team

We’ve proudly served the Westchester County New York region for 30 plus years. We also live where we operate right here in the area and we know too well how hard we’ve been hit by the corona-virus. As we start to get back to work we’ve done everything we can to stay ahead of the virus. Now, along with our leading business phone solutions, fiber-optic installations, and working with state and local organizations for years we can now offer a new technological solution to combat the virus. For the best in Thermal Temperature Checking Systems Westchester NY, look right here at Top Line Communications. Give us a call today to learn more about this technology and how quickly we can install your system.

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