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MAC Work, Business Phones & Changing Office Locations

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Business Phone Systems Westchester County NY

If you’re a growing business that has no more space at your current office location (or at near capacity) you may be considering a move to a larger space more conducive to your current growth. But this can be a daunting process. When you consider the logistics of moving all your office equipment, servers, business phones, lines, routers, cameras, fax machines, hubs, and all of your communication equipment; it may seem like a daunting prospect. To make your move is as seamless as possible so you have a limited amount of downtime or no downtime at all takes some careful planning. Here we’ll take a look at what MAC Work is and how Top Line Communications makes moving your Westchester County NY office location easy.

The Process

Business Phones Westchester County NY

Business Phones Westchester County NY

When you’ve finally reached the limits to what your office can handle it should be seen as a great opportunity and look into the current growth your business is experiencing. This is a happy time. You’re upgrading your facilities and making way for the next several years of increased growth. But it can also mean some growing pains and headaches in getting all of your communication equipment moved and set up as quickly as possible. Our process is simple. Whether you are currently a client of ours or not the process is straightforward. We come do an on-site survey, taking careful note of each and every piece of equipment, how it is set up and then we mark them as top priority to low priority. When we have a complete list of what is moving we create a plan and set a time to get things going.

The Move

If you’re already a client you know the level of our due diligence. For each and every client and office location that same diligence is applied when it comes to an installation. When the move begins we will have already done a site survey at your new office location, mapped out what will go where in terms of routers, cables, cameras, servers, and so on. Because we are experts in all the communication equipment for your business we carefully pack everything based on it’s priority level. Then we move all of the equipment ourselves. This way when the equipment arrives on site we hit the ground running with the new installation. With the highest priority pieces being installed first so that when employees are ready to start coming to the new location you’re communications are already established.


If your old office is using older cabling or other forms of older networking infrastructure, this is likely the best time for you to upgrade. Your business is growing, you are moving to a new larger and likely more modern office space, and that means you should be utilizing the best that modern technology has to offer. This is a pivotal moment for your company and you should not be looking to cut corners. You’re investing in a new space so be sure you’re providing the best possible business phone and business communication equipment the market has to offer. High speed internet, VoiP busines phones, SIP trunking, and fiber-optic connections are a few things to consider.


You are running a growing business. Setting time aside to try and hire a moving company to then move your equipment to just wait for it to then get installed is simply a waste of time. Having the business communication company move and immediately install the equipment or any upgrades at your new location simply makes sense. You experience less downtime, you get up and running in the shortest period of time possible, and most importantly you can continue to manage your business and employees without worrying about the movers (not to mention the costs saved on hiring a 3rd party company to do the move). So the clear benefits are: time saving, money saving, and stress saving.

We’ve seen above the clear benefits to MAC Work through the Top Line Communications team. For the best in Business Phones Westchester County NY, look no further than 30 years of local expertise right here. When you’re ready to move we move all  equipment phones, computers, faxes , paging, servers, hub rooms, camera’s, and everything else involving your businesses communication equipment. We live where we work and are proud members of the Westchester Business Council (WBC). Stay safe from all of us! 1-888-426-8647