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Prioritizing Westchester Business Phone Systems & Communications

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Small Business Phone Services Westchester County NY

Even during this time of great technological advancement, the internet, email, and the cloud; many businesses still conduct operations via the phone. People still pick up the phone for placing orders, making appointments, organizing employees, and more; either via cell phone or land lane, the phone is still integral to our daily lives and economy. No matter how large your company is, what business phone features you employ make a difference. If you’re trying to get an edge with better customer support or increase daily sales calls, your system is important.

Who Still Uses Phones Today?

Business Phone Systems Westchester NY

Business Phone Systems Westchester NY

Your customers and clients expect you have phone support available at all times. Businesses go out of their way and invest substantial funds to increase their in-bound call and therefore sales volume. An incredible nearly 50% of purchases to small businesses were made via a phone call in the past 2 years. Despite the fact that people are still using phones, business phone support has gotten poorer and poorer through the years. With call centers and outsourcing being the major culprit from large companies. A huge number of people are placed on long hold periods of over a minute to get support or make a purchase, with a large percentage just hanging up in the end.

Phones are still integral for your businesses internal communications and networking. A huge percentage of work is done via the phone, voice messaging, text messaging, and video chatting or conferencing. So you should be asking yourself, is your business communications up to scratch? Can you receive calls no matter where you are? Does your phone system ever crash or drop calls? Are you paying too much to a large telecom giant for poor service? Are you able to add lines easily when you need them? Can employees work remotely? All important questions to ask yourself.

Choosing The Business Phone Features You Need Today

There are things all businesses need while there are other things you may or may not need. When you are considering the type of business phone features available you need to make a determination. What is the best for your internal communications as well as communications with customers and clients. Here is a list of the most important features you should absolutely utilize for your businesses communications.

Conference & Group Calls – working with group video and voice calls has become paramount to getting things done for businesses of all sizes. Now more than ever, during this time period of quarantine and isolation, the ability for you and your employees and various departments to get work done will rely on conference calls. Whether it is sharing someone’s computer screen, working face to face, having normal meetings from home, or just day to day business functions; conference calling is something you should be utilizing, especially now.

Mobility (BYOD) – Bring-your-own-device has become an integral part of business communications while working. A very high percentage of people (no matter the business) use their personal cell phone to conduct work operations. With call forwarding (where a call is forwarded to someone’s cell phone), you can ensure employees are able to work no matter where they are. If you are a smaller company, you can have your 800 number phone calls directed right to your cell phone. There are even applications which convert personal phones into company phone line extensions. This makes it as though it is just another phone line down the hall.

Auto-Attendant – whether your company has 10 employees or you are a major international organization, using an auto-attendant ensures ever call is received, routed, and answered. People these days almost always expect an auto assistant that directs them to various departments. Think of your bank, you get options to speak with someone in different departments through an auto-attendant. You can then direct calls properly while also having an operator available. Many customers and clients will base their future business with a company on the entire process of calling them. If they have been satisfied with the call and have done what they needed to they will likely remain a loyal customer.

Call Availability – through VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) employees can see who is and who is not online and available during working hours. This reduces time wasted from different employees calling those who are not available at the moment or who are sick or away. You can set the presence settings as well, as Available, Away, or Offline. This is great when you have different employees working together from different locations.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) – this isn’t per say a business phone feature but it is one that is often combined through your voip and telecom provider. This allows people to work from home, or wherever they are including the office, in a more secure fashion that cannot be accessed by hackers. This reduces the risk of data breaches when people must work from home as we nearly all are right now. It’s another layer of security that you should be employing during this work from home time frame.

Why Switch Today?

These are difficult time we are living in right now, but this too shall pass. Until then you should be sure that you are able to get all of the work done that you could at the office from the safety of your own home. Not only for you managing employees, but also the employees being able to stay on the same page as well. Do not let this difficult time shut down your business operations entirely. Ask questions, get answers, save money, and increase work productivity, no matter how long we must work from home.

For the best in Business Phone Systems Westchester NY, look no further than almost 3 decades of local expertise here at Top Line Communications. We are proud members of the WBC (Westchester Business Counsel) and live where we operate. Call today and see how we can reduce your costs and keep you moving forwards during this time period. Stay safe from the entire team and we can get through this if we work together! 1-888-426-8647