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7 Business Benefits of a Fiber-Optic Installation

by | Nov 17, 2020 | Fiber-Optic Installation Westchester NY

An internet installation using fiber-optics can offer major benefits to businesses of all shapes and sizes. You may be wondering if the quality of using fiber-optics justifies the costs and how it compares to traditional copper cable internet connections. It is far newer technology and that means greater capability, scaling, and accessibility offering most businesses a great return on their investment. Coupled with VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and the cloud creates a powerful combination for business communications.

Let’s look at the benefits of upgrading or utilizing a fresh fiber-optic installation for your businesses internet and communication systems.

As a business telecommunications company in the Westchester County NY metro area for nearly 3 decades, we understand the needs of business owners from their communication provider. That involves keeping employees well connected with high speeds and superb uptime so productivity never takes a hit due to their connectivity. If an issue arises they need a provider that responds and fixes the issue immediately. That’s the reason we’ve built Top Line Communications the way we have.

1. Connection Speed

Fiber-Optic Installation Westchester NY

Fiber-Optic Installation Westchester NY

Fiber-optic web connections are far faster than the fastest copper internet installation with speeds from 5Mbps up to 100Gbps. No matter how much bandwidth is being used internally you should not experience any internet slowing or freezing. A poor internet connection can cost employees an hour or more a week and that can lead to loss of days or even weeks of productivity over the course of a year. Your companies web connection should never be a problem that costs you money. It should be a tool that you employ in every aspect of your business.

2. Reliability

Fiber internet connections offer incredible reliability in comparison to copper internet connections. This is due to the fact that fiber is far superior to copper in the transfer of data. Fiber connections are not at risk from inclement weather the same way that copper cabling is (where data can stall or be lost through damage). Fiber is also resistant to different types of interference like electrical or human tampering. Spotty internet connectivity can have serious costs to your business. The smallest amount of unplanned connection loss can bring productivity and communication to a stand still. If your company is making calls through the internet (VoIP) or uses applications (cloud) which connect through the web reliability is an absolute must.

3. Bandwidth

Businesses that need fast connection speeds for data transfer (transmission) can find it’s far too easy to reach their bandwidth “cap” with copper cable internet connections. Though no system is truly unlimited, fiber-optic bandwidth is significantly greater than traditional copper. Also, the speed will not waver as greater demands to the system are required. Large bandwidth is needed for these items:

  • Web/Video Conferencing
  • Streaming HD Video
  • File Sharing
  • Cloud Computing/Applications
  • SIP Trunking

Signs your system is not up to scratch would be connection delays, dropped/spotty calls, pixelated/unclear video quality, etc. If you’re currently having bandwidth and connection issues through your current system you will greatly benefit from fiber-optics.

4. Connection Strength

Using a traditional copper DSL or Ethernet connection means that the signal will become weaker as the user moves further from the switch. Fiber-optic signal strength does not degrade nearly as quickly over the same distances. Business and organizations in larger spaces will see immediate benefits from stronger more consistent signal strength throughout the entire facility or office. This is a huge advantage where employees are conducting work or their office is located further away from the telecommunications room. This is also the case for smaller facilities as well. Proximity to the communication control room is far less important when using fiber-optic connections as the signal is stronger and degrades less the further away from the start point.

5. Cloud Applications

CRM (customer relationship management) to data storage, the cloud is the modern day business technology for hosting, applications, and more. An incredibly high number of organizations (over 95%) are now using cloud in some way shape or form. The increased speed of fiber-optics in comparison to traditional cable wiring means better connections to your data and apps on the cloud. Every business benefits from less delays in accessing cloud-based information through an SaaS (software-as-a-service). Sales and customer service will improve with this seamless accessibility. Down the road as you utilize more and cloud based services your connection will be up to the task.

6. Security

Cable internet connections are more vulnerable to information theft from hackers because of cable tapping or other intrusive methodologies. There is a single way to impact a fiber-optic internet connection and that is to physically cut the lines themselves. Because the cost for a system hack or data security breath can be upwards into the millions, maintaining your security is paramount. We all hear of data breaches from large companies but it is actually more common for small organizations to be threatened from security breaches. Often due to outdated systems like copper wiring. Fiber is one of the most powerful ways to improve your company’s cyber security.

7. Cost Saving

We’ve seen above some of the many benefits to using fiber-optic internet connections compared to older copper wiring. But one of the most important benefits to your business is the reduction of costs. By elimination speed and connection issues your productivity will not be deterred due to your internet connection. Every dropped call or spotty conference can lead to a a lost customer and lost revenue. Spotty connections to your data on the cloud can lead to a missed client or a forgotten crucial document to that new contract you’ve been in the running for. Fiber optics offers cost saving in the monthly costs, but also in the fact that you are connected far more securely and reliably than traditional connections.

To put it simply, fiber-optic internet connections are superior to traditional copper cabling in every way. As our technology improves ever quickly, being able to match that speed and utilize these changes can really help your business. If your tech team is gearing up to move applications and service protocols to the cloud using a fiber connection will support those endeavors. SaaS (Sofware-as-a-service), cloud computing, cloud storage, and VoIP are all businesses services that have huge potential from a cost saving perspective. Using these with fiber connectivity can make all of the difference.

For the best in Fiber-Optic Installation Westchester NY, look no further than 30 years of local expertise right here at Top Line Communications. We live where we operate right here in the lower New York region and are proud members of the WBC (Westchester Business Counsel). Call us today for a consultation and see how we can upgrade your businesses communications and save you money at the same time. Stay safe from all of us here at TopLineCommunications.com 1-888-426-8647