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5 Reasons To Change Your Current Business Phone Systems

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Business VOIP Westchester County NY

It happens far more often than you may think. A business signs a contract for a basic phone system because the cost is low. Soon enough they come to find out that the cheap phone network doesn’t have the bandwidth or growth capacity to meet their connectivity needs. More often than not, that small business will simply settle. Instead of getting a suitable business telecommunication system in place, they wind up adjusting their business around the slow or inadequate phone system. After all, most small businesses don’t have huge budgets and options when it comes to a price point.

This could be a small thorn in their side until it starts to negatively impact the businesses day to day functions. It could be customers having a hard time getting the help they need or it could mean employees can’t connect efficiently to get work done for the day. Over time with these issues arising that accumulates to loss of clients, loss of productivity, and in turn the shrinking of profit margins. This is really too bad because with a little bit of searching a small business owner would learn that settling isn’t their only option.

Don’t be resistant to change when it can really help your day to day business functions. Let’s look at 5 reasons you should change your current business phone system now.

1. Old System Is Near-Obsolete or Obsolete

Business VOIP System Westchester NY

Business VOIP System Westchester NY

We have a tendency to think that if our phone system is fine now that it will be in the future. Until it doesn’t work well or at all anymore for your businesses needs. When old systems need maintenance and part fixes and new lines, over time, you’ll find it is far less expensive to abandon it out right and start over. There are a few reasons your old system could be obsolete.

  • Old cabling is damaged, corroded, or simply doesn’t have the data capabilities you need.
  • Routers are outdated and working on old technology which conflicts with modern computer and phone systems.
  • Your service provider has canceled or does not support your system anymore
  • Parts are not available as they are too old
  • The technology has been partially or completely replaced by modern versions (think of the comparison of original dial-up internet to modern DSL or Cable connections)

2. Lack Of Functionality

Older phone systems simply will not be able to offer all the features that you may need today. Because it may be unclear the types of connectivity options you will need when you first set up your phones you may not know what you need right off the bat. For example, what if you need to do video conferencing with employees who are in the field or at another location? Your old business phone won’t have that option, period. Your old phone needs may be very different than what they are today, this is something you should assess right away.

  • New features and options that you need but don’t have (ie. auto-attendant, conference video, data transfer, etc.)
  • Work flow improvements in office and in the field
  • Bandwidth speeds match modern standards

3. Lack Of Reliability / Downtime

When a business goes with a communication provider based solely on a price they think looks good, it won’t take long to see why that was a mistake. The cheap price can mean cheap service. When it takes valuable working time away from your employees to wait for a technician to come service some outdated item, everyone suffers. If your system is crashing or dropping calls or your internet data speeds are insufficient, you have a problem. If your customers simply can’t reach you they may not remain your customer for much longer. Reliability in business, just like in life, is essential to a healthy and thriving workplace. Make sure you’re not having downtime that hurts your bottom line.

4. Outdated Capacity

If your business phone system is not scalable, you are limiting the ways and the speed at which your business can grow. Old systems require large scale cabling and networking architecture. That means a lot of leg work and a lot of cabling, as well as a lot of things that can go wrong. What happens if your business needs to grow and you need to add a whole new location to your network? Will you be able to combine the services or will it be a whole new system outside of the one you are currently using?

This is something you should keep in mind, no matter if you’re not ready to expand just yet. Your system is working now sure, but for how long? Are you willing to allow the outdated capacity to wait off screen and surprise you at the worst possible moment? If you are unable to adjust your phone system to the needs you have at this point in time and moving forwards, its time for an upgrade.

5. No Help When You Need It

If you are working with some of the large corporations for your phone systems you may find yourself waiting longer than expected for help if you need it. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Has the provider gone above and beyond to keep your service impeccable?
  • Did you get help with every stage of installation and maintenance of the service?
  • Is there someone there who actually knows who you are, your business, and history with the phone provider?
  • Is there support available at a moments notice anytime that you need it?
  • How long does it take for you to get a reply to email, phone call, or live chat?
  • How long does it take for a technician to get to you if you need it?

Many of the companies out there care more about taking on new clients than they do about giving their current customer the best quality of service. If you’ve felt like this is something you’re dealing with, then this is another sign its time to change service providers.

Why Business VOIP Services?

All of these reasons above make a great case to leave old technology behind and upgrade your small business phone system to a modern VOIP (voice over internet protocol) service. The capacity is greater, the cost is lower, the benefits are plentiful, and it will bring your phone systems into the modern era. Ability to grow and expand is built into VOIP networks and moving to another location or adding location is simple. Don’t hesitate and get upgraded today.

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