2020 Business Phone Systems for Growing Small Businesses

by | Jun 1, 2020 | Business Phone Systems Westchester County NY

When your business is growing it is a sign that you’re doing something right. But with that growth comes the possibility that your communication requirements will surpass the phone system you’re currently using. If you’re expanding your staff or need more capable networking and calling features, making the change to a business phone system will have some serious advantages. Work flow and productivity will increase and that further moves the ticker in the right direction. Here are some ways in which upgrading to a business phone system will help aid your growing business do just that, grow.

Money & Time Saving

Business Phone Systems Westchester County NY

Business Phone Systems Westchester County NY

Older phone systems like PBX, simply put are, well – old. They’re expensive, outdated, take up large portion of space, are bulky, are hard to do maintenance on, and have major limitations. Getting them installed or serviced requires specialized outside help and the level of maintenance they require is daunting. All of this leads to a cost prohibitive connection prohibitive system for your growing small business. As your company continues to grow and your needs change, being able to add new features or add lines will require large costs and time investments into your old system. This is all money and focus that should be put elsewhere, namely the growth of your business. Not how you can manage your old network.

Utilizing Top Line Communication business cloud phone system gets rid of those nuisances straight away. The cloud is not on site, simple to get set up, and will grow as quickly as you need it to. The costs are far less than a PBX system and you get access to all of the types of advanced features necessary for successful business in the modern age. Plus it is all ready to go on the current computers, tablets, and smart phones you and your employees are already using.

All the Features In One Place

Phone systems specifically designed for business use will be far different than standard personal phone systems. They are designed to simplify your businesses communications on all fronts. Whether you need tools like phone based conference calling, online workplace meetings, or adding features like new lines, call forwarding, or call logging. Consolidating your business communications has multiple advantages. Some more of the tools include call screening to auto-assistant directories and advanced team collaboration tools and call recording. Utilizing a business phone systems “one-stop-shop” approach allows easy integration with tools you’re already using. Google applications, Dropbox, Microsoft Outlook, Adobe is just a handful of the online tools easily integrated into a modern business phone system. This is also incredibly important when considering work from home options like most of the country and world is right now. Much of that may continue even after the pandemic as more and more companies shift to home working environments.

Connectivity When & Where You Need It

Business doesn’t happen entirely at your desk the way it did in decades of the past. Yes people do work at their desk on their desk phone all the time but if that is the only way you’re doing business now you are severely limiting yourself and outreach. Business owners know that work happens when you’re out of the office, when you’re on vacation, when you’re working from home, when traveling, and even at weekend gatherings. Through using a proper business phone system you can use the same features you do at the office while on the go.

One of the greatest features is call forwarding where you can have an office line or 800 number forwarded to your (or an employees) cell phone. Meaning you keep the bridge open between your customers and your business even when people are on the go or telecommuting. Utilizing conference calling allows employees to be working on the same page as though their in the same office. Through screen-share employees can be working on the same thing or see what someone else is doing on their computer. This is the type of modern day flexibility your business needs to stay in front of the competition and really thrive.

Professionalism On All Fronts

Even if your business is small you always want to appear to be professional in all areas. Using cloud business phone systems help you do exactly that. Rapidly pull documents or route calls to the proper department, use an auto-assistant (that we’ve all come used to using to be directed to the right people), on-hold music or advertising, forwarding voice-mails, voice-mail transcripts, and more. Even if your office is just you and 3 others (or just you at home for that matter) you can have the same professional appearance as a multi-national corporation using a cloud phone network.

Privacy & Security

Now more than ever (even prior to the pandemic) companies are requiring employees to use their own mobile devices to conduct business operations. When you and your staff are easily able to give out there personal cell phone number or personal company phone number (using a secondary sim card in their personal cell phone) it makes connectivity stronger than ever. But that connectivity comes with some added security risks if you’re not set up properly. Today, keeping personal information and sensitive data secured is paramount. It is actually more common for small companies to have data breaches than huge companies so that means keeping security at the forefront of the technology you’re using. By using call logs and call recording you’re able to keep communication friendly. With the cloud and other proprietary security safeguards you’re system can be as secure as large institutions. Because you have control as to how and when customers and employees can communicate with you and one another and the fact that the cloud is decentralized, sensitive information is able to be guarded more carefully.

Moving Forwards

Upgrading your companies communications system is an investment that will save you time, money, and promote growth at the same time. If you’re unsure of in what direction you should be going, just know you should be getting rid of old outdated technology and looking forwards. Using a qualified full-service Westchester telecommunication company like right here at Top Line Communications you are able to get out in front of any changes you need to make to promote your businesses growth today.

For the best in Business Phone Systems Westchester County NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise with TopLineCommunications.com . We live where we work right here in the area and are proud members of the WBC (Westchester Business Counsel). Stay safe from all of us! 1-888-426-8647