SIP Trunking Westchester County NY

SIP Trunking & Cost Saving Phone Solutions

SIP Trunking Westchester NY

Working from home? Back at the office? No matter how your business is operating right now, the need for high-quality low-cost phone services hasn’t changed. But with the current technology like VoIP, the cloud, traditional cabling, and SIP trunking; knowing what will best fit your requirements and budget may not seem as straightforward as you may think. Let’s take a look at what SIP trunking is and how it can reduce your costs while improving your business phone systems.

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking Westchester NY

SIP Trunking Westchester NY

SIP Trunking is a mode of sending voice and other communication services through an IP (internet protocol). In other words, through the internet. SIP trunking supersedes traditional phone services because it is more reliable and lower in cost. Because SIP trunking utilizes the internet to make connections, a hard-wired connection between two points is not required to make a call. Where when using traditional phone lines a physical connection must be present. 

SIP trunks operate as virtual phone lines that let users connect to other phone numbers around the globe. As of 2020, nearly 60% of businesses in the United States are using SIP trunking with that number increasing year by year and it’s no mystery why. Improved call quality, reduced costs, and scalability (to name a few). 

SIP Channels (Calls)

Every SIP trunk uses SIP channels which are essentially the same as a single inbound or outbound call. SIP trunks can hold an unlimited number of channels (“calls” or “lines”) at one time. If a company will need to make more calls they will need more channels. It also makes adding channels far easier as it is not done through physical phone line wiring. 

Differences of SIP and VOIP

SIP and VOIP are very similar to one another and can be used interchangeably, but they are different. “VoIP” just means any call placed over the internet which can include many different forms of technology, SIP being one of those forms of technology. SIP is a type of technology that enables VoIP to be possible. See our article on Working from Home with VoIP

SIP Ensures Quality of Service (QoS)

SIP allows for improved Quality of Service (QoS) because it prioritizes voice calls over other forms of data traffic. This is important because phone calls require clear communication on both ends of the call. Delays in signal strength in a network can lead to dropped calls or broken up calls which can be very bad for business. SIP allows you to enable QoS to ensure that audio quality will be high during calls, even when there is a lot of data taxation on the system. Calls will gain the main priority of data which maintains the priority of clarity on calls. 

Why SIP?

There are lots of different reasons why SIP will be good for your business. One of the largest is the reduction in your communications costs. Low monthly costs for unlimited local and international long-distance calls are often bundled together and SIP can be customized to fit your specific requirements. Also, SIP services allow you to pay for channels (lines) on a need basis and you can easily add more channels over time as needed. A quick list of the benefits include:

  • Cost reduction
  • Scalability (Growth)
  • Improved call quality
  • Built-in continuity
  • Network consolidation
  • Unified Communications
  • Video, conferencing, app integration
  • SMS messaging
  • Screen Sharing
  • and so much more

You don’t need to be a business phone specialist to take advantage of SIP. But not all communications companies are created equal and who you hire to set up, install, and maintain your SIP network can make a big difference in your costs and productivity over time. 

For the best in SIP Trunking Westchester NY, look no further than 30 years of local expertise right here at Top Line Communications. We live where we work, right here in Westchester County. Call today for a consultation and see how SIP trunking can improve your business communications today. 


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Very Discounted Business Phone Systems with SIP Service

Best SIP Phones Westchester County NY

Being a business owner means looking for every advantage when it comes to your upkeep costs. When you can save on operating expenses on a monthly basis, those saving add up over time and can be used for other areas within your business. If you think you’re paying too much for your business phone services, you probably are! Phone lines for businesses and organizations in Westchester New York don’t have to be too costly or complicated either. Let’s see why SIP phones are better for businesses of all sizes.

What Exactly are SIP Phones?

SIP phones are phones which use the Open Standard “SIP” system to receive, send, and manage telephone calls. It uses internet protocol (IP-based) to carry the actual voice as well as a second Open Standard “RTP”. These are commonly known as VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP Clients or VoIP Phones). They provide a number of advantages to businesses and organizations of all sizes and are categorized in two main classifications:

  • Software SIP Phones or SoftPhones
  • Deskphones, Hardware SIP Phones, or Hardphones

What are SoftPhones?

Best SIP Phones Westchester County NY

Best SIP Phones Westchester County NY

“SoftPhone” means software program which functions as a telephone. It is basically something you install on an internet or carrier data connected device to make calls. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a phone either. SoftPhones can come in a range of varieties, including:

  • Android or iOS Smartphones
  • Desktop and laptop computers of all varieties
  • Android or iOS Tablets like iPads, even iPods

This means that anyone who has a smartphone or computer can simply install the designated software and turn their phon or computer into a “SoftPhone”. This is great for businesses especially right now where much work is being done from home due to the pandemic. When your employees can simply install a piece of software on their smart phone and home computer to conduct business calls, the advantages or plentiful.

What are HardPhones?

These phone systems look like traditional hard wired phone systems of the past. The main difference is that there is actually a small computer system and hardware components built into them so they can connect calls using an IP-Network (internet protocol network). This is done through standard Wifi or ethernet cables and is different from traditional phone lines in this sense as well. They don’t have to be hard wired either as cordless hard phones are also available. These are very common in office settings but are not typically set up when employees work from home.

Why Should we Use a “SoftPhone”?

The fact that SoftPhones are software based is one of the biggest advantages to using them for business. Because you can simply install a proprietary VoIP system onto any smartphone or computer to make it a fully functioning business tool, you are only limited by the software itself. Modern “SoftPhones” used for business have a huge array of features, such as:

  • Conference Calling
  • Video Calling + Conferences
  • Test & SMS Messaging
  • Voice-mail
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Call Recording
  • Computer Screen Sharing
  • Remote Accessibility
  • Add Users/Lines As You Need
  • Scalability (adding users not physical lines)
  • Call forwarding
  • Local, national and international calling
  • Cost effective rates (far cheaper than traditional phones)
  • and more
  • See some more benefits of business VOIP here

In this time period where many companies are struggling and many employees are working from home, being able to use current internet connections through a simple software to conduct business is a huge cost saver.

How Discounted are SIP Phone Systems?

The cost of a SIP trunk varies based on your needs as a business. There are essentially four different factors which go into the costs:

  • Monthly subscription costs – typically per channel of service
  • Call rates (outbound) – metered plans per minute
  • Setup costs – one time setup fees or activation of your SIP trunk service
  • Add-ons – features you can add like call recording, call forwarding, etc.

The best SIP trunking providers in Westchester NY will offer low cost, simple installation on existing devices while updating all of your business communications to the cloud. But the real specifics as to why SIP trunking is so much more affordable than traditional phone systems are as follows:

  1. No need for expensive Plain Old Telephone Service Lines or POTS
  2. Reduced per-minute calling with SIP phones, even when using a metered plan per minute
  3. Uses existing internet connection to complete calls through VoIP
  4. Maximizes current phone systems through cloud connected PBX

Outdated legacy (older) phone trunks are rather costly. When it dramatically increases your cost to add lines or conduct outgoing business calls, it’s not hard to see why modern businesses are taking advantage of SIP trunking. Not only is there increased costs because of the technical installation and maintenance with older phone systems, but also the upkeep and monthly costs are more expensive as well.

Verdict: Upgrade your Business to a SIP Phone Service and see the benefits

There are more to the nuts and bolts of why SIP is far more cost effective than outdated legacy business phones than we’ve covered here. The functionality is improved, the costs are reduced, and SIP services can even be run from home with little effort. Because there is never a bad time to look to cut business costs, because many employees are working from home, and because SIP phone services cost far less than traditional telecommunications; now is a great time to make the upgrade.

You will reduce your costs while adding a multitude of useful business features. These can work at the office or at home for you and your employees. You will save on monthly phone costs and also on per minute phone costs. Adding new lines or users has little or no cost. You’ll be able to conference and screen share which increases productivity. When you look at it there are way more reasons to change to a SIP phone service than to not to. Your business will benefit and your costs will reduce, it’s that simple.

For the Best SIP Phones Westchester County NY, look no further than 30 years of local telecommunication expertise, right here at Top Line Communications. We proudly operate where we live right here in Westchester. Call today for a consultation and see how we can reduce your costs, get you set up from home, and bring your businesses phone systems into the 21st century. Stay safe from the entire team and we can get through this if we work together! 1-888-426-8647

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Why SIP Trunking? 8 Major Business Benefits

SIP Trunking Westchester County NY

VOIP (Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol) telephone systems are fast becoming the most popular way for business and organizations to manage their voice communications. Through utilizing SIP trunking and VoIP, businesses have more options for communications as opposed to traditional legacy phone systems provided by large telecom service providers.

If your organization is looking for ways to reduce operating costs in your communications than consider SIP trunking as a smart alternative. There are lots of different reasons to switch to SIP today, so let’s look at what it is, how it reduces costs, and what it can offer your business.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking Westchester County NY

SIP Trunking Westchester County NY

SIP trunking allows organizations to make phone calls through a PSTN (public switched telephone network) via IP (internet protocol).  The technology works through the internet and turns your phone system into an internet operated service, like email or a website application.

It may sound like a bulky piece of equipment but another aspect of SIP trunking is that there is no physical trunk to attach to the current system. It is a set of light protocols delivered from a SIP provider which enables businesses to take advantage of all the functions and benefits of an IP based phone system (internet phone system).

Let’s look at the major savings of SIP trunking:

  1. Reduced Costs
  2. Instant Return on Investment (ROI)
  3. UCaaS – Unified Communications
  4. Mobility & International Potential
  5. Consolidation
  6. Reduction of Physical Infrastructure & Zero Cost Hardware
  7. Increased Reliability
  8. Easy Management

Here is a short list of the main benefits of using SIP trunking. Let’s look at each one.

1. Reduced Costs

Older legacy phone systems often have a slew of bizarre and often expensive charges for your calling usage. This can be for international calls, long distance, or even local calls. When your traditional phone service has 50 pages of fine print detailing how and why you are charged, SIP trunking offer straightforward, simple pricing that is usually based on a per line (per user) basis.

Instead of having to comb through your bill every single month, companies who switch over to SIP enjoy stable and understandable costs every month. Most companies who switch save on average 40-50% of their monthly telecommunication costs compared to traditional phone services.

Switching is far simpler and cost effective then you may have imagined.

2. Instant Return on Investment (ROI)

For most investments into organizational infrastructure (like communication systems) a valuable ROI can take years to be revealed. But that is not the case for SIP trunking. Because there are extremely low initial investment costs for SIP and the technology is time tested; your business can start to see an immediate ROI. Firstly, through the reduction in short term costs month to month, and then over time in the reduction of yearly operating costs which really do add up. For better service at a reduced cost you should be seriously considering switching to SIP.

3. UCaaS (Unified Communications)

Because most SIP services offer a complete network of communication features, it operates as a UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). This is where all your communication needs are bundled together in a single platform. Combining under “one roof”:

  • Video conferencing
  • All Phone Call Needs (inbound & outbound)
  • Instant Messaging & SMS
  • Screen Share
  • Call Recording
  • Call Forwarding
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Document/File Sharing
  • And more. See our write up on VOiP for Business, here.

This allows organization employees to conduct all sorts of work under one service platform where in the past they would have to pull different programs and applications to do each one of these combined services. This saves time and money as there are no more costs for individuals components on the network and there is no wasted time moving between different applications. The more you can unify your businesses communications the more seamlessly everyone can work together and at a reduced cost.

4. Mobility & International Potential

Because SIP allows employees to connect to the service via a mobile phone or device you get added mobility for workers on the go. Whether working from home or at a client’s location, the built-in portability of SIP through VoiP enables organizations to keep working even if a traditional internet connection drops. The app connects to the on-premises communications making it reachable through a single business line. No more being trapped at the office to make work calls, field calls from anywhere with a web connected device.

SIP is also ideal for growth potential. Where traditional phone lines must be installed and managed with expensive and outdated hardware, SIP trunking utilizes current networks to provide a better service. If your expanding to a second office, you won’t need to do major hard line installation when using SIP trunking and VoIP. Your employees can simply connect to the network through their mobile phones to conduct business. Meaning you have a huge opportunity to expand your business communications as you need without incurring huge build out project costs.

5. Consolidation

A huge number of companies and organizations are still paying separate costs for their data and telephone service. SIP trunking lets these organizations combine data and voice onto a solitary network. This way the system treats voice calls as any other form of data usage. Because of the combination of two aspects under one billing umbrella, organizations get the added benefit of a substantial reduction in costs. No more costs for phone usage and data separately.

6. Reduction of Physical Infrastructure & Zero Cost Hardware

With traditional or legacy phone systems expansion is a tall order. You have to schedule the phone company to come do a survey to determine what they  need to do, then the lengthy and costly installation process, and possible outages for days at a time as the system is being installed. Walls can be torn into, lines can be strung around the office, and it can really hurt your productivity. Physical infrastructure not only costs far more, requires far more maintenance, but it also costs far more than a SIP trunking system which uses existing installations to operate.

Because of the way it uses existing lines and installations, there is no additional hardware costs.  Any increase in lines or build outs through a traditional phone system will have costs associated with that work. The costs of the lines, the phone hardware, and the installation costs start to add up over time. With SIP, adding lines or services is no more difficult then getting a new phone (handset) and adjusting monthly agreement. This means you’re not paying for major hardware just to then pay more for the service also. With SIP it is the service only which has costs adjusted.

7. Increased Reliability

Legacy phones can be interrupted by all sorts of things which can’t affect SIP trunking. For example, inclement weather or purposeful sabotage can shut down your telecommunications until repaired. This could mean major outages for your operations until repairs are completed (this could take days or weeks depending on the extent of the damage). SIP trunking has mobile failover built in meaning that if there is some system failure you have no downtown and calls can be routed through other office of yours or mobile devices.

8. Easy Management

Tired of having your tech team wait on hold with your business phone service provider when an issue arises? With SIP trunking there are all-in-one administrative functions that are utilized for management of the system in-house. No more waiting on hold for basic changes like adding a line, changing call forwarding numbers, changing voicemail, and more. Your tech team can now manage nearly all aspects of the entire system. This means greater usability and management without having to rely on customer service.

Verdict: SIP Trunking is Better

No two businesses or organizations are identical. SIP trunking is a great way to start saving on your communication costs every month, but it does have some requirements like data and internet connectivity to function properly. If you’re ready to have your organization join the 21st century in terms of your communications, SIP Trunking and VOiP is the way to go.

For the best in SIP Trunking Westchester County NY, look no further than over 30 years of local expertise, right here at Top Line Communications. We proudly operate where we live right here in Westchester. Call today for a consultation and see how we can reduce your costs, get you set up from home, and bring your businesses phone systems into the 21st century. Stay safe from the entire team and we can get through this if we work together! 1-888-426-8647

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Benefits Of Upgrading Your Business Phone With SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking Westchester County NY

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) can provide a wide range of telecommunication upgrades for businesses still using an outdated copper wiring infrastructure. It is essentially a way to beef up your current phone systems without having to do major hardware and cabling re-builds (which is very costly and time consuming). Because of its simplicity and speed there are quite a few benefits to utilizing a SIP system that every business owner in Westchester County should consider. Let’s take a look at why you should be considering an efficient upgrade with a SIP trunk today.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunking Westchester County NY

SIP Trunking Westchester County NY

SIP trunking is a technique which uses Internet Protocol (IP) to provide multiple users access to a network through multiple shared frequencies or lines. Think of it essentially as a tree, where the tree has a trunk as a base which leads upwards to all of its large and small branches. SIP Trunks can carry data from many LAN (local area network) or VLANs (virtual LANs) across a single connection between routers and switches known as a trunk port. Also, despite having the name “trunk” which sounds like large cumbersome piece of technology, there is no physical “trunk” associated with SIP. In simpler terms, a SIP TRUNK can replace a wide range of traditional products allowing your organization to utilize the speed and benefits of a consolidated internet-based phone network.

Major Benefits of SIP Trunking

1. Reduction of Costs – with traditional cable phone systems you are subject to a wide range of seemingly elusive charges for your local, long distance, and international calls. SIP allows companies immediate access to straightforward pricing typically billed per-user. Instead of ticket shock each month when paying for services, SIP provides stabilized monthly costs. Studies have shown that companies who made the switch to SIP saved an average of 50% monthly to their phone system costs. For larger organizations with a higher volume of lines and international or long-distance calls, the savings were even greater.

2. Consolidated Communications – SIP also acts as a gateway to UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service). By utilizing the full suite of SIP communications tools (fiber-optic internet connections, video conferencing, etc.) companies unlock the major benefits of an internet-based communication network. That includes video & voice messaging, instant messaging, mobility, app collaboration, cloud-based tools and other flexibilities important for business communication and growth.

3. Instant ROI – With most common technology investments companies make, the benefit or quantifiable ROI, may take years to develop. It is often a gamble the company feels forced into making with no clear definitive time frame as to when that gamble will or will not pay off. SIP, on the other hand, is long established and requires the most minimum of upfront investment costs. Savings start at the first billing cycle and require far less investment, positives for companies of every size.

4. Consolidation – most services are sold as stand-alone services (even from a solitary provider) forcing companies to pay for things like data and phone services separately. By using a SIP trunk, organizations move everything to a single consolidated network where calls are treated and transmitted as data packets. This saves companies a significant operating cost while at the same time improving reliability and functionality.

5. Reduction of Physical Infrastructure – older phone systems have outdated and largely obsolete technology that is cumbersome and expensive. Because they are often locked into a physical framework, expanding is one of the greatest challenges companies face when using an old physical system. Whether it’s waiting too long for the service provider to come install a phone line or set up a new location (all which costs money), those limitations become very apparent. Utilizing SIP, your company can add numbers and lines simply through connecting with a handset to your consolidated connection. Employees who work in the field or away from the office can be seamlessly integrated into your company network. Reducing your physical infrastructure also alleviates problems that can arise from physical cabling, such as water damage or other forms of system compromises.

6. Network Reliability – Physical phone services can be damaged and interrupted by things like extreme weather or a truck hitting a telephone pole for example. SIP on the other hand doesn’t face the same risks to network reliability that outdated physical systems do. With aspects like mobile forwarding in the rare case of a system drop, you will experience no missed calls or downtime as the calls are redirected to office lines or employee mobile devices. To put it simply reliability is dramatically improved when using a SIP trunk.

So, Is SIP A Smart Choice For My Business?

Because no two organizations are the same SIP trunking is designed to improve functionality and offer major cost savings. If you are ready to reap the benefits of internet-based phones, get set with a VOIP provider, and move business communications to the cloud, you are ready for SIP. If you have ever had problems with unreliability, bizarre monthly charges, high per minute call costs, expansion, or inter-company connectivity, you will most likely benefit from a SIP trunking overhaul. To learn more about how SIP can improve your organizations communications while saving you significant costs, please don’t hesitate to call us today.

For the Best in SIP Trunking Westchester County NY, look no further than nearly 30 years of local expertise, right here at We are members of the community and proudly offer the best service and pricing anywhere. Call us today to discuss how we can improve all of your company’s communications today. 1-888-426-8647

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