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What Is the Best Phone Number for Your VoIP System?

When you are setting up your VoIP system, one of the first tasks is to select your phone number. While this may seem simple enough, it’s important to note that there are several different types of numbers available for your VoIP system, including: toll free numbers, local numbers, and universal numbers. Understanding the benefits of […]

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Tips for a Successful SIP Trunk Migration

SIP trunking takes multiple communication methods and intertwines them into one streamlined, cost-effective system. When you have decided that your company can benefit from this VoIP system protocol, it is time to begin SIP trunk migration. Here are some tips to help you with this complex process. Plan Thoroughly Before you can begin the SIP […]

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Online Businesses Offer Phone Support via VoIP Phone System

4 Reasons Why Your Online Business Needs Phone Support If you run your business online, whether it is for a product or a service, chances are the vast majority of interactions are done via email and chat. While those are valuable communication methods, if you do not also have VoIP phone system intact to route […]

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3 Valuable Benefits of SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is the most commonly used protocol within a VoIP system, and it’s popular for a reason. By flawlessly connecting various communication methods into one modernized service, SIP trunking can provide companies of all sizes with a streamlined structure, expanded communication capabilities, and reduced costs. Streamlined Structure There are several ways that SIP trunking […]

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SIP Trunking FAQ: What You Need to Know

SIP trunking is a phrase that is becoming more commonplace in the virtual communications world. If you hear it, and are not familiar with it, then it portably sounds like a foreign language. However, once you break it down, SIP trunking isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems. What Is SIP? Before you can understand […]

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4 Call Routing Techniques to Incorporate into Your Business Phone System

When you are dealing with a high volume of calls, it can be challenging to keep your customers happy. After dealing with multiple transfers and long wait times, their opinion of your brand can change dramatically. By managing the incoming calls of your business phone system effectively, you can reduce wait times and transfers, and […]

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How VoIP Business Phone Systems Can Save Startups

As a startup, every detail matters—especially the way you communicate with your customers. Obviously, a business phone system is not optional; however, choosing between an onsite system and a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system is. When it comes to saving money and allowing for versatility, an IP phone is the best choice. Here are […]

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How Do VoIP Systems Work?

Perhaps you have heard of the term VoIP before, and maybe you haven’t. Regardless, be prepared to change the way you think about your business phone system. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is a way to make and receive phone calls via digital data that is sent over the cloud. How […]

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Is VoIP Service the Answer to Your Business Phone Problems?

If you are still using an on-site business phone service for your business, chances are you find yourself frustrated. If you are dealing with any of the following problems, then a VoIP provider may be the answer to your business phone woes. Problem: You Need Updated Features Your standard landline receives phone calls and takes […]

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4 Ways to Keep Your VoIP System Safe

When it comes to business phones, VoIP systems are ideal. They are easily scalable, very cost effective, and loaded with features to improve efficiency and customer service. However, since they are in the cloud, security can sometimes be a concern. As long as you are proactive, you can keep your VoIP system just as secure […]

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Why VoIP Service For New York Businesses?

Utilizing a cloud-based phone system—otherwise known as VoIP—could provide unmatched versatility and dramatic cost savings. VoIP stands for Voice-over Internet Protocol, and it allows you to communicate effortlessly through the cloud. Here are some of the many benefits of using a VoIP service. Remarkable Cost Savings As you probably know, traditional phone systems aren’t cheap. […]

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What to Look for in a Business Phone & VoIP Provider

No matter the industry, phone calls are an essential part of daily operations and the quality of your business phone and VoIP service is crucial. But how do you know you are getting the best business phone and VoIP provider? You need to look for these five features: A Streamlined, Integrated System When it comes […]

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Why Your Company Needs a Professional Business Phone Service

Effective communication is a key element of any company’s success. It doesn’t matter whether you are B2B or B2C brand, you need a secure line of communication between staff and clients—and each other. With a comprehensive business phone system, you can improve the efficiency of your company while portraying professionalism to any future or current […]

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3 Features of Commercial Security Systems to Secure Your Office Building

Our integrated office security systems offer an abundance of top-of-the-line technology to help ensure your protection around the clock. Here is a closer look at the top three features of our security systems you need to secure your business: High-Quality Video Surveillance With a commercial security system that integrates video cameras, you can effectively deter […]

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5 Benefits of Office Video Conferencing in New York

It used to be that office video conferencing was reserved for large corporations with hefty budgets, but today, all of that has changed. Thanks to evolving technologies and easily accessible webcams, businesses large and small can now reap the benefits of workplace video conferencing. From reducing travel costs to fostering client relationships, here is a […]

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